Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 439

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Chapter 439: Blocking his eyes

Chen Ning just blinked her eyes.  He really was a moody person.

His face was just overcast and now it became a gentle shower, there was a little part of her that couldn’t take it.

But she really was tired.  Giving a yawn, she slowly closed her eyes.

As if knowing he was by her side, her mind was filled with peace and she quickly fell asleep.

Being half asleep and half awake, she felt something touch her forehead, like the wings of a butterfly, but it also quickly left.

She seemed to know what it was.  Her lips slightly curled in her dream as if she was having a sweet dream.


In Empress Dowager Zhou’s room, she was sitting in a chair holding a cup of tea, slowly sipping it.

Su Jin came in from outside and placed a pile of scriptures she obtained from the temple on the table in front of Empress Dowager Zhou.  Pursing her lips into a smile, she said, “Empress Dowager, look at these.  These are more copied scriptures from the Princess Consort, the writing is long and handsome.”

Empress Dowager Zhou looked over.  Picking up a piece of paper and looking it over, she slightly nodded, “Un, it’s not bad.”

She took a sip of tea and looked up to ask, “Su Jin, did you hear the news of King Jing An being sent out by the emperor?”

Su Jin was surprised, “This servant did not know.  Didn’t King Jing An just return to the capital?  Why did the emperor send him out again?”

Empress Dowager angrily put down the cup of tea and said, “Isn’t it something good done by the emperor!  He is obstructing Shao Bai, the eyes watching over him!”

Su Jin’s mouth opened wide in shock.  It took her a while to close them as she stuttered out, “Empress, Empress Dowager, your, this servant doesn’t understand what you mean.”

She was secretly thinking: It can’t be that even King Jing An has fallen in love with the princess, right?

Empress Dowager could guess her thoughts from her expression.  She looked over and said, “This widow did not mean that.  The emperor must have know that this widow sent Shao Bai to guard the temple, so he sent Shao Bai away by making up a reason.  Humph, that brat, such wishful thinking!”

She slapped the pile of scriptures.

“Su Jin, go and write a decree for this widow.  From this day forth, the Ding Yuan Princess no longer needs to copy scriptures in the palace.  This widow’s bones have been hurting, so we’ll have her live in the Warm West Pavilion next to this widow and have her come give a massage to this widow occasionally.”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes lit up as she spoke in a slow voice.

“Empress Dowager is truly wise.”  Su Jin couldn’t help smiling as she replied.

She thought that old ginger really was spicy.  No matter how powerful the son was, he could not compete against his mother, Empress Dowager Zhou.

This one drastic move from Empress Dowager Zhou completely cut off the emperor’s plans.

“If you have something to say, then just spit it out.”  Empress Dowager was drinking her tea, but looking over, she saw Su Jin’s hesitant expression.

“That’s right.  This servant feels that the Princess Consort has such nice writing, she can still keep copying scriptures in the Warm West Pavilion.  Empress Dowager, you’re beginning to like the princess and care about her, right?”  Su Jin boldly said.

She had a very good impression of Chen Ning, especially after Chen Ning saved Empress Dowager Zhou’s life, filling her with gratitude towards Chen Ning.

If she had the chance, she would try to speak up for Chen Ning in front of Empress Dowager Zhou.

How could this kind of flower like splendid girl spend her days inside a gloomy temple, wouldn’t she be bored to death?

Empress Dowager Zhou slowly looked up, staring at Su Jin, “Did she really copy the scriptures?  When she was copying them, were you beside her to personally witness it?”

Su Jin turned stiff.  Thinking about it, this really never happened.

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