Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 440

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Chapter 440: Soul confusing soup

“The Princess Consort likes to copy the scriptures at night.  Every morning when this servant goes in, there would be a pile of copied scriptures on the table.  Could it be the Princess Consort did not copy these?”

Su Jin’s mouth opened wide in surprise.

“You’re not wrong.  This widow is not worrying about her, this widow is worried about my son!”  Empress Dowager Zhou had long been aware of this matter.

When she picked up the stack of paper, she tenderly looked over them before saying with a sigh, “The emperor is busy with all the matters of the state, but he still needs to copy scriptures for her everyday.  Like this, this widow will feel tired for him.”

Su Jin almost could not believe her ears, “Empress Dowager, you’re saying all these scriptures were copied by the emperor?”

“That’s right.  Although the emperor has deliberately changed his writing style, he was born from this widow’s stomach, so this widow can tell with a single glance.  His stinky brat, this widow has cared for him for over twenty four years, but he never copied a single page of scriptures for this widow.  Now he’s actually copying all these scriptures for a single girl that he fell in love with!  This widow should really make him copy all one hundred and eight scriptures, humph!”  Empress Dowager Zhou said this in an angry voice before taking a sip of tea and choking on it, coughing several times.

Su Jin patted Empress Dowager Zhou’s back while saying, “But since the Empress Dowager drank the root water from the Spring Jade, your face has been getting better daily.  You didn’t even take any medicine from the divine doctor last night and slept until dawn.  You really do have to thank the Princess Consort.  Letting her live in the Warm West Palace is still considered showing her grace.”  

Empress Dowager Zhou angrily slapped away Su Jin’s hand, “Did that girl give you a soul confusing soup that makes you work this hard to speak up for her?”

“This servant does not dare.”  Su Jin quickly kneeled down.

“Alright, alright.  This widow already knows what you’re thinking, so get up.”  Empress Dowager Zhou waved her hands and Su Jin stood up.  In a thought filled voice, she said, “In terms of character, that Chen Family’s girl really is a pick, not to mention her current status.  This widow has heard that she was nothing more than an idiotic young miss, she didn’t read books or know how to be womanly.  This widow believed all of that, but seeing her, I feel like all these rumours aren’t false.”

“But this servant doesn’t feel like the princess is nothing more than an idiotic vase…..”  Su Jin cautiously said.

“Have you ever seen the words she’s written?  Have you ever seen her needlework?  If she really did know how to write, the emperor wouldn’t have to copy the scriptures every night for her!  Humph, a talentless woman will have her kindness.  Even if she’s kind and beautiful, if she wants to be the emperor’s woman, she is not qualified!”  Empress Dowager Zhou coldly said this.

“Empress Dowager’s meaning is?”  Su Jin bit her lips.

“She just has a good face, causing the emperor to be hot blooded, but she will lose that eventually.  If she wants to climb the tree to become a phoenix, she has to pass through this widow first.”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes sparkled as she suddenly thought of something, “Su Jin, help create a decree for this widow.  Invite daughter from Master Xia’s manor, the second miss of the Wu Shang manor, and the young miss from Imperial Censor Liu’s manor.  This widow has heard that all these young girls are talented, being able to write poems and draw.  Invite them into the Peaceful Life Manor to show off their talents.”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin had just turned around before Empress Dowager Zhou called out to her.

“The day of the spring banquet ended too quickly, so I think everyone hasn’t had enough fun.  This widow has seen all three ladies before and they were all beauties.  That’s right, there’s also the Ding Yuan Princess.  Since she is in this widow’s palace, then how could we not invite her as well?”  Empress Dowager Zhou leaned back in her chair and finally revealed a satisfied smile.

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