Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 438

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Chapter 438: Three earthworms

Chen Ning felt something was wrong the more she heard and she revealed a look of suspicion.

Did this mean he still wanted to keep his distance from her?

“No need!”  She cleanly cut him off, “I can copy the scriptures myself, I won’t trouble the emperor to personally do it.  The emperor has many important things to deal with, how could I bother you with something as trivial as copying scriptures.”

“You will copy it?  Is your reading even legible?”  He said in a light voice.

“How do you know my writing is illegible!”  She stared at him in an not convinced manner

Mo Chuan did not reply, but he took out a piece of crumpled paper.  He slowly opened it which revealed three crooked earthworms.

He looked at her with a smile on his face ,”Is this something written by you?”

“Ah!  Give it back!  When did you steal my things!”

Chen Ning was angry and embarrassed.  These three earthworms was the same “Chuan” word that she wrote in the past.  She crumpled it up after writing it and threw it into the trash can.

She never would have thought that it would land in Mo Chuan’s hands.

She reached out to grab it, but Mo Chuan lifted his hand and she touched thin air.  Because of the force used while moving, she fell into his chest.

“Tell this one, why would you write this one’s name?”  Mo Chuan’s dark eyes had a smile in them.  He held her wrist with one hand and placed the paper in front of her with the other.

“Who said I was writing your name?  This is clearly a painting by me!”  She spoke with a red face.  She wanted to break out his hold, but he held on tighter.

“Oh, what painting is it?  Why can’t this one see through it?”

She confidently replied, “Three earthworms!”

Mo Chuan could not keep it in and his tense face began to relax as his indifferent lips had a trace of a smile on it.

“Are you copying scriptures or drawing paintings for the Empress Dowager!  If the Empress Dowager were to see your painting, would the Empress Dowager punish you?”

“The Empress Dowager will not punish me, the so called copying scriptures is just an excuse to keep me here.”  She blurted this out.

“Oh?  Your meaning is, this one’s copied scriptures were all copied in vain?”  The smile in his eyes suddenly turned cold and his body released a cold aura.

“Of course not.”  She suddenly wanted to bite off her tongue in regret.  Actually, she didn’t want things to be too difficult for him.

She never thought that she would accidentally step on his tail.

“Very good!  Since it’s like this, this one will not do anything useless anymore.  Just give me what you owe me and we’ll be even then.”

Mo Chuan released her wrist.  His face was cold and his chin was tightly clenched.

Ze, ze, he really changed faces in the blink of an eye!

Of course she knew what he wanted, but she wouldn’t give it to him!

If she gave it, then he wouldn’t have a reason to come see her anymore.

“Then……teach me how to write first and then I’ll give you what I owe you.”  Her dark eyes looked over.

“There has never been anyone that has negotiated with this one!”  He said with a cold face.

“Wu, there is a first for everything.  You’ll just have to get used to it in the future.”  She smiled as she made a face at him.

Seeing her smiling face, the tense face he forced himself to make loosened again.  He couldn’t help giving a helpless sigh.  He wanted to scare her, but she…..was not afraid at all.

Where was his ruler’s prestige!

“Alright, this one will teach you to write tonight.  Right now, this one has to go to morning court, so you can sleep a bit longer.”

He saw a faint ring around her eyes, it was clear she hadn’t slept enough before being woken up by him.  His heart couldn’t help feeling pain.  He reached out to touch her hair before pressing down on her shoulders to make her fall back down on the couch.

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