Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: Hard to deal with old woman

Empress Dowager Zhou’s words was like a bucket of water than instantly froze Chu Shao Yang’s heart.

He was stunned and couldn’t make a sound.

Bullshit!  This was all bullshit!

He loudly scolded in his heart, not believing a single word Empress Dowager Zhou said.  However Empress Dowager Zhou was still the Empress Dowager, so he couldn’t refute her words.

Empress Dowager Zhou lovingly patted his hands, “Shao Yang, royal grandmother will take good care of your princess, not letting her suffer a single grievances.  This widow will also teach her the conduct of a woman and how to properly serve her husband, so you have nothing to worry about.”

The veins on Chu Shao Yang’s forehead popped out and his chest felt like it was suddenly blocked up by cotton.  He was suffocating from his rage.

But faced with the kind face of Empress Dowager Zhou, he forced everything down and forced himself to reveal a smile.

“Shao Yang will thank royal grandmother for her teachings for Ning’er.”  He said in an insincere manner.

Empress Dowager Zhou had controlled the royal harem for many years, already becoming a refined old person.  A few words from her was enough to make Chu Shao Yang stunned and have no choice but to swallow his grievances.  Mo Chuan heard everything from inside the room and couldn’t help secretly praising her.

Comparing himself to his mother, he really was impatient.

“Shao Yang, you came to your royal grandmother’s Peaceful Life Palace right in time to have a meal with this widow.  This widow’s Peaceful Life Palace is usually deserted with no one coming to visit this widow.  When this widow eats alone, I really do not have much of an appetite.”

Empress Dowager Zhou grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s hand as she moved to the side palace, while giving an order at the same time, “Come, bring the meal.”

Chu Shao Yang thought of something and asked, “Has the emperor not come to visit royal grandmother today?”

“The emperor?  He is busy, so how could he have time to visit this widow?  It is only that child Shao Bai that is good.  After this widow ate the medicine he brought back from the divine doctor, the illness this widow suffered from for a year is finally better.”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in an uncaring manner.

“So seventh brother not being in the capital recently was because he was asking for medicine for royal grandmother.  Seventh brother is truly filial towards royal grandmother, Shao Yang feels ashamed.”  Chu Shao Yang lowered his head and his eyes flashed with a hard to understand light.

“Shao Bai is filial, but you are also filial.  Your princess copying scriptures for this widow, she is also filial.  For this widow to have two filial grandchildren like you two, it’s ten times better than having an unfilial son.”

Empress Dowager Zhou was complaining while personally putting food in Chu Shao Yang’s dish.

Chu Shao Yang was flattered and he quickly stood up, “Royal grandmother, you can’t do this.  It should be your grandson serving you instead.”

“Sit down, sit down, eat a lot.  Are the dishes of this widow’s palace good?”

Empress Dowager Zhou had a loving look on her face as she chatted with Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart felt uneasy and he had some questions he needed to ask.  When he saw Empress Dowager Zhou’s rosy cheeks and how much more spirited she was, he couldn’t help secretly wondering about this.

After finishing the meal with great difficulty, he immediately bid farewell to Empress Dowager Zhou.

In this trip to the palace, he had gained nothing, not even seeing Chen Ning’s face.  He was filled with anger as he used the horse whip on the entire way home, using the jade flower horse to vent his anger.  It kept neighing the entire way in a shrill voice.


He never thought that old bag, Empress Dowager Zhou was so hard to deal with!

What copying all one hundred and eight scriptures.  From that old lady’s meaning , she wanted to keep Chen Ning in the palace!  She was clearly stealing his woman for her own son!

Chu Shao Yang was feeling more and more displeased, feeling so much hate towards Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan that his teeth ached.

Suddenly he thought of something as the anger on his face was replaced with a sinister expression.

“Chen Ning, you think you can stay in the palace forever?  Don’t forget that your maids are still in this king’s palms.  You will obediently come back to this king’s palace one day!”

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  1. Pan says:

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      I am guessing that Empress has a good strategy. (1) Stable rule requires a degree of consensus between top figures of the government and the princes with top martial arts. The ruler should avoid appearance of whimsical self interests. (2) Filial piety is the idea that knits this society together, it is somewhat ridiculous system, but this is what they have. Doing whatever one pleases with his wife is husband’s prerogative, but deference to seniors is another rule. (3) Stupidity and cruelty are not grounds for taking away a wife, demotion in office etc., but disrespects of seniors is. If hubby will wise up he can get CN back (empress thinking), if not, he will do something stupid and can be handled accordingly.

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