Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: This emperor is not happy

“Your son thanks mother for your support!”  Mo Chuan gave Empress Dowager Zhou a deep bow, sincerely thanking her.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face turned serious and she said said with a cold laugh, “Support?  When has this widow decided to support you two?  Emperor, you better not come to the Peaceful Life Palace for the next few days, otherwise you’ll attract the criticism of others.  Also, you better not do anything that brings shame to our ancestors.  I’m warning you, I’ve already sent King Jing An to protect the temple.  If you take a single step into the temple, this widow will break one of the girl’s legs, if you take two steps in, this widow will break both her legs.  If your entire person were to enter the temple, then what do you think this widow will do?”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help being filled with anger as he coldly said, “Mother, why don’t you just give the order to take your son’s head.  If something is wrong, then it is your son’s fault, it is not related to her.  You already promised your son that you wouldn’t make it hard for her, is mother going back on her word?”

“This widow doesn’t plan on making it hard for her, but if the emperor forgets his own status, then this widow will not be merciful.”  Empress Dowager Zhou waved her sleeve, knocking a tea cup from the table.  She roared, “Emperor, it is already not late, you should head back to hande the affairs of the government.  There are many things to do everyday, but you come here to complain just for a single woman!  Can the matters concerning your citizens not matter in your heart compared to a single woman?  Do not let this widow be disappointed in you!”

Her words were like heavy slaps in Mo Chuan’s face.

Mo Chuan raised his chin and revealed a determined look, “Mother, the citizens are important, but she is also important.  Your son understands mother’s meaning and will not disappoint mother, so I hope mother will not disappoint your son either.”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression finally changed, revealing a look of satisfaction, “Good child.  As long as you do well, this widow will not make you disappointed.  Only this widow has heard that East Qin has sent messengers to discuss the matters of the tribute and will be arriving soon, is the emperor prepared to receive them?”

Mo Chuan’s expression turned serious and he nodded, “The one’s coming are not good and the good will not come.  There is still clearly time before the day of the tribute, but they already sent people for the discussion, so there is clearly a plot afoot.  Mother can be assured that your son will carefully deal with them, not giving them any chances.”

When Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, she let out a sigh.  She revealed a look of motherly love towards Mo Chuan for the first time, “Good child, this widow has given you a hard task, it’s really been hard on you.  In the past, this widow against all odds pushed you onto the throne, but it was not for selfishness.  Other than you, there was no one else that could handle the burden.  Over these years, you must have been unhappy being the emperor, right?”

Actually she knew without even asking that after her son ascended to the throne, he had become more cold and aloof.  He rarely had a smile on his face and buried himself in the affairs of the country.  He was never honest even to her as his birth mother.

Most of the time, she didn’t even know what her son was thinking.

But she could tell that he was not happy being the emperor.

He rarely spoke and he was rarely happy.

When she as his mother saw this, how could her heart not hurt?  She really hoped that her son could find someone to love that could untie this knot and make him smile once again.

Yesterday was the first time Empress Dowager Zhou saw Mo Chuan’s eyes light up.  He uses those focused and affectionate eyes to look at a single girl.  He couldn’t help smiling when he saw her…..

In that instant, Empress Dowager Zhou knew that girl that could open his heart had finally appeared!

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