Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Stones will also blossom

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned stiff, “Royal grandmother, Shao Yang is here to beg for forgiveness.  I ask royal grandmother to use this firewood to beat this grandson.”

Empress Dowager Zhou said, “Yi, why does this widow not know about you committing a crime?  Shan Yang, stand up and talk.  Someone come, help King Ding Yuan up and bring him to a chair.”

Chu Shao Yang kneeled there without moving.  Lowering his head, he said, “As long as royal grandmother does not give her forgiveness, Shao Yang will not rise.”

“Alright, then say it.  What wrong should this widow forgive you for?”

Chu Shao Yang’s face filled with shame as he said in a low voice, “Shao Yang drank too much yesterday and tried to move onto my princess on the way home, almost taking her life.  It was a good thing the Empress Dowager summoned Ning’er to this palace, not letting your grandson make a large mistake.  Shao Yang is filled with regret after sobering, so I came after court to come and beg royal grandmother and Ning’er for forgiveness.  Royal grandmother, please give the order to let your grandson be heavily beaten, please don’t hold back.”

Empress Dowager Zhou heard this and began to laugh.

She cheerfully looked at Chu Shao Yang and said with a smile, “Shao Yang, stand up, stand up.  This widow thought that something big has happened, but it was something small like this.  You were just drank too much and wanted to be intimate with your princess.  Your princess not being willing is her fault.  As a woman, how could she reject her own husband?  The one this widow should beat isn’t you, but rather your princess.”

Chu Shao Yang was stunned.  He looked at Empress Dowager Zhou in a daze, not being able to react.

“Royal grandmother, Shao Yang has indeed made a mistake.  You might forgive your grandson, but Ning’er must still be angry at your grandson.  Your grandson ask the Empress Dowager to show mercy.  Your grandson wants to see Ning’er and wishes to kneel down in front of her, asking for her forgiveness.”

His words were all true and was very moving.  All the maids nearby hearing this were moved, secretly thinking that King Ding Yuan was a true first grade man in this world.  With a husband like this, what else would a woman need!

Empress Dowager Zhou was also moved by him, nodding as she said, “Your feelings towards your princess is true, even a stone would be moved.  Your princess will definitely forgive you.  How could it be hard for you to see her?  This widow thought of something yesterday and wanted someone to help this widow copy scriptures, so I sent someone to bring your princess into the palace.  She is currently in the temple.”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help looking over at the temple.

He found that the main doors and the windows were all closed, instantly filling his heart with disappointment.  

Mo Chuan could see everything from inside the room and his expression couldn’t help changing.

Mother, ah mother, what kind of medicine are you taking?

Do you want to help your blood related son or help this bastard grandson!

He almost couldn’t stop himself from angrily charging out.

“Ke, ke.”  He just heard the Empress Dowager cough twice and like she had thought of something, she patted her head and said, “This widow really is absent minded, I actually forgot to tell you something.  Before your princess entered the temple yesterday, she made a vow.  As a devout believer, she would copy all one hundred and eight scriptures before coming out.  This widow tried to convince her otherwise and it was fine for her to just copy one scripture for this widow, but your princess was very determined.  This widow could not stop her from being this devoted to buddha.  Ai, so Shao Yang, you can’t see her right now.  How about this, once she finishes copying the scriptures, this widow will give her a reward and send her back so you can continue being a loving couple.”

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