Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: Only an excuse

Chen Ning’s writing was not ugly, but she was not used to using the ink brush.  Seeing this ugly character, she felt quite embarrassed.  She crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash.

She gave a yawn and said with a smile, “Aunt Su Jin, I’m tired.  Can I copy the scriptures once I wake up?”

“This…..”  Su Jin was speechless.

She had never seen such a bold girl before.  Copying the scriptures was an order from the Empress Dowager, but she did not care about it at all.  Was she not afraid of offending the Empress Dowager?

“It’s getting late and aunt Su Jin should also go rest.  After I wake up tomorrow, naturally I’ll copy the scriptures.”

Chen Ning looked around, wanting to find a place to sleep, however other than the chair and table, there were only a few cushions on the floors of this temple.

When her eyes fell on the cushion, they couldn’t help lighting up.

She grouped a few cushions together and laid down on them, directly closing her eyes.

Su Jin was stunned looking at her.  She didn’t know what she should report to the Empress Dowager about this matter.

After a while, she saw that Chen Ning had already fallen asleep, so she quietly left the temple and prepared to report to the Empress Dowager.

“You’re saying that after that girl ate her meal, she drew a few earthworms before falling asleep?”  Empress Dowager Zhou knit her brows, feeling that this was too unbelievable.

However her real intentions was not about this.  Copying the scriptures was not important, it was just an excuse to make her stay in that place for now.

“Forget it, let her do what she wants, just watch over her for this widow.  You’re not allowed to let her leave the temple and you’re not allowed to let anyone enter.  Even if the emperor comes, you’re still not allowed!”

Empress Dowager Zhou gave this order and she couldn’t help giving a few coughs.

Su Jin quickly gave the cold medicine on the table to Empress Dowager Zhou.  When Empress Dowager Zhou drank it, she hesitantly said, “Empress Dowager, if the emperor really comes, then this servant will not be able to stop him.  Also with the emperor’s martial arts, this servant will not be able to discover him even if he does enter the temple.”

“You’re not wrong.”  Empress Dowager Zhou considered this for a bit.  Her eyes fell onto the medicine on the table and her eyes lit up.  With a faint smile, she said, “This widow being able to recover this time was really thanks to the medicine King Jing An brought back for this widow.”

“Yes, this servant heard that to obtain medicine for the Empress Dowager, King Jing An kneeled in front of the number one divine doctor’s door for an entire seven days before finally moving the divine doctor.  To create medicine for the Empress Dowager, the materials used were all very precious and hard to obtain, so King Jing An traveled over half of West Chu before being able to collect them.  After returning to the palace, he did not even rest as he personally decocted the medicine for you, Empress Dowager.  To have such a filial grand nephew, Empress Dowager is truly blessed.”

Once they mentioned King Jing An, Chu Shao Bai, the two of them were both smiling.  It seems like in the palace, Chu Shao Bai was an extremely popular person.

Empress Dowager Zhou slowly nodded, revealing an expression filled with love, “That’s right, Shao Bai is a good filial child.  If the emperor had half the filial piety he had, then this widow doesn’t know how less I would have to worry.”

Su Jin pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Emperor is very filial towards the Empress Dowager.  The one that sent King Jing An to the divine doctor for the medicine was the emperor.  How can the Empress Dowager only show love towards King Jing An and ignore the emperor’s thoughts?”

She had already served Empress Dowager for thirty years and was the most trusted person of the Empress Dowager.  She did not speak as nervously as the other maids and spoke much more freely.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face fell, “Su Jin, if you speak up for the emperor again, then get out!”

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