Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: The one in her dreams was him

Su Jin smiled and said, “This servant doesn’t dare.”

Empress Dowager Zhou thought for a bit and said, “Go and call King Jing An to see this widow.”

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, it is already late and the palace is locked, so this servant cannot leave.”  Su Jin replied.

“King Jing An is in the palace, he just finished decocting the medicine for this widow earlier.  That child’s eyes were completely red, so this widow knew that he hadn’t slept in several days, so I had him stay in the side palace for a night.  This widow did not want to disrupt his rest, but thinking of this matter, only he can do it.”  Empress Dowager Zhou said.

“Empress Dowager’s meaning is to have King Jing An guard the temple?”

“Un, Shao Bai’s martial arts aren’t bad and he’s loyal and filial to this widow.  He always properly completes the matters this widow leaves to him.  It has been hard for him these past few, but with him watching over the emperor, this widow will be able to feel assured.”

When Empress Dowager Zhou thought of Mo Chuan, she felt her head begin to ache.

She was most clear on what temperament her son had.  He was someone that would not give up on his target!

She saw a few signs and immediately acted to cut off this bad karma, but one could never guess the heaven’s will.  She never thought that Mo Chuan would be so rash as to fake her orders and then personally go to kidnap her back.

This clearly showed that he was truly in love!

The only thing she could do now was to keep the two of them apart.  If it was too late, then they would do something that can’t be taken back and would lose the royal family’s face.

As for what happens in the future, even the Empress Dowager who had ruled the palace harem for many years and had solved countless problems did not know what would happen.

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin had just turned around before Empress Dowager Zhou called to her again.

“This widow does not want anyone finding out about this.  As for how you do it, you know what to do.”  Empress Dowager Zhou did not even look up as she took a sip of tea and spoke in a slow voice.

Su Jin’s heart turned cold.  She agreed before walking out.


When Su Jin left the temple, she blew out most of the giant candles.  There were only two candles in the front that were left burning, that occasionally released a few sparks.

It was unknown where the cold wind came from, but the remaining candles were also blown out.

With the cold wind, Chen Ning who was asleep also felt a cold breeze.  She couldn’t help holding her arms around herself and giving a shiver.

She suddenly felt warm, as if there was a warm piece of clothing that was draped over her.  It had a nice smelling grass scent on it.

It was familiar and very friendly.

She unknowingly grabbed the clothing and her lips slowly curled back.  She was having a beautiful dream.

Sitting on a cushion beside her was a silent white figure.  He had been silently sitting there for a while, but all he did was look at her face without even blinking once.

Without any light, he could still clearly see the faint smile on her face that was very sweet.

He couldn’t help slightly curling his lips.  Was she having a dream?  Seeing how sweet that smile was, it had to be a very beautiful dream.

Could the person in her dream be him?

Chu Shao Bai just continued staring at her.  It had been a long time since he had seen her, but during the long period of time that he was away, he had thought of her everyday.

Her displeased face, her happy face, her smiling face, and her angry face, every single expression was very vivid in his mind.

“Ning’er, Ning’er, I’m back.  I can finally see you again.”  He silently called out in his mind.

He did not dare speak because he was afraid that he would wake her.

Just sitting here silently watching over her already filled him with great joy and satisfaction.

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