Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: Couldn’t help feeling pity

However, she respectfully replied, “Yes, Empress Dowager.”

Empress Dowager Zhou did not take another look at her and she waved her cane, “Su Jin.”

A maid around forty years old came forward, “Servant is here.”

“You will serve the Ding Yuan Princess here.  You will satisfy her needs, but she cannot take a single step out of this temple, otherwise this widow will chop off your feet, do you understand?”  She said in a strict voice.

“This servant understands.”  The maid immediately replied.

Chen Ning was very clear that Empress Dowager Zhou just made it sound nice.  She called it serving, but it was rather observing.

But she didn’t plan on leaving this temple anyway.  Staying here and quietly copying scriptures was not a bad thing, it was a hundred times better than going back to the King Ding Yuan palace to face Chu Shao Yang.

“Many thanks Empress Dowager.”  She saw Empress Dowager Zhou prepared to leave and she bowed down to her back.

Empress Dowager Zhou stopped and slowly turned around.  Looking down at Chen Ning, she had no expressions on her face, “Oh?  Why are you thanking this widow?”

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and calmly replied, “This minister’s concubine is thanking the Empress Dowager for her support.”

“Support?”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a cold laugh, “You think this widow is supporting you?  Such wishful thinking!”

She hit the ground with her cane before turning to leave without looking back.

With a “peng” sound, the doors of the temple tightly closed together.

Chen Ning turned around with a faint smile.  She walked in front of the table and opened a book of scriptures.

“Princess Consort is beginning to copy them already?  This servant will prepare ink for you.”  That maid named Su Jin spoke in a respectful manner.

She looked very solemn.  Although she was only just forty, her face was old and experienced.  With the candlelight from the table, she stole at glance at Chen Ning.

A large matter happened in the palace today and there was no one that didn’t know about this, so natural she knew who Chen Ning was.

Only she was the same as the Empress Dowager, she never would have imagined that the emperor would steal his nephew’s princess.  Was this princess a fox demon, being able to move the heart of the emperor that never approached any women?

She took a closer look under the light and felt that she was as beautiful as jade.  She had a pair of rare eyes that had a touch of innocence and laziness to it.

She suddenly couldn’t help feeling pity, no wonder the emperor felt this way.

It was already late into the knight, but there were several large lit candles in the temple, lighting it up.

However Chen Ning did not plan on copying the scriptures right away.

She looked at Su Jin with a bright smile.

“Aunt Su Jin, my stomach is hungry, can I have something to eat?  Even if the donkey needs to pull the mill, the donkey still needs to be fed, don’t you think so aunt Su Jin?”

Su Jin couldn’t help finding this funny, “Yes, this servant will immediately prepare a meal for the Princess Consort.”

She walked to the temple doors and tapped twice before whispering something outside.

Very soon, the maids outside quickly sent in a plate of desserts and tea.

Chen Ning was not polite at all, eating the desserts and drinking the tea, she felt very satisfied.

After a long while, Su Jin saw that her pen was not moving, so she couldn’t help asking, “When is the Princess Consort prepared to begin copying the scriptures?”

“Then I’ll start right now.”

Chen Ning saw that she could not avoid it any longer, so she walked over to the table.  Picking up the pen, she wrote a single word on the white paper.

This was the first time she was doing calligraphy in her life.

Su Jin stood next to her grinding the ink, but she felt strange seeing this.  Wasn’t she going to copy the scriptures?  Why was the Princess Consort drawing earthworms for?

Of course, she never would have dream that seemingly intelligent and kind hearted princess would write words that were this ugly.

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