Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 408

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Chapter 408: Doting parent

Empress Dowager Zhou brought the cane down on the back of Mo Chuan’s hand and shouted, “Let go!”

Mo Chuan did not move and proudly stood there, “Mother, where are you taking Ning’er?”

“He, he, the question you ask is quite strange.  It is this widow that summoned the Ding Yuan Princess into the palace, so of course she will be heading to this widow’s palace.  Could it be that the decree was just a false decree from you!”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in a righteous manner.

“Mother!”  Mo Chuan froze for a minute.  He never thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would use this method.

He said in a deep voice, “You clearly know that decree was…..”

“This widow does not know anything.  This widow only knows that everyone knows that this widow gave this decree and tomorrow the Ding Yuan Princess will be seeing this widow and not you, the emperor!”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face was filled with anger, but after Mo Chuan thought about it, he could vaguely guess what Empress Dowager Zhou was thinking.

Chen Ning’s eyes revealed an understanding look.  She looked down and curled her lips into a smile.  She was secretly thinking that Empress Dowager Zhou was someone that really cared about her some.  On the surface she was beating and scolding him, but she had already thought of a way for her son to deal with the consequences.

She did not want her son to carry the offense of stealing a minister’s wife and she didn’t want this royal scandal to be publicized, so she came here to smooth everything over.

Looking at it like this, Empress Dowager Zhou bringing her away had no ill intentions.

Mo Chuan had also thought of this.  The expression on his face softened, but his hand would still not let go.


How could he be assured in letting her leave his side?  Especially with Empress Dowager Zhou’s hidden intents, even her son could not see through her intentions.

Empress Dowager Zhou raised her brows, “This widow will be bringing her to a temple and having her copy a few scriptures for this widow.  Emperor, you won’t even allow that?”

“Only copying scriptures?”  Mo Chuan frowned.

“This widow’s old eyes aren’t good and the letters of the scriptures are too small, I can’t see them clearly.  So, I want to find someone to rewrite them for this widow.  The Ding Yuan Princess has an orchid like heart, so you must have good writing.  This widow is asking you, are you willing to copy them for this widow?”  Empress Dowager Zhou ignored Mo Chuan and looked down to ask Chen Ning.

“This minister’s concubine is willing.”  Chen Ning immediately replied.

“Emperor, the Ding Yuan Princess has made her own decision, so why do you still want to stop her?  Do you think that this widow will make it hard for her?  She is still this widow’s daughter in law and this widow is the Empress Dowager, why would I make it hard for a junior?  Do you really think this widow is that kind of person!”

Empress Dowager Zhou coughed several times from her anger, almost being unable to breathe.

The maids on the side quickly gave a few gentle pats to her back.

“Alright, your son will believe mother this once, I hope mother will keep your word.”  Mo Chuan slowly let go and glared at Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Humph!”  Empress Dowager Zhou did not even look at him as she turned around, holding the cane as she walked outside.


Empress Dowager Zhou did not bring Chen Ning into her palace, but rather the temple beside the palace.

“Ding Yuan Princess, this widow said in front of the emperor that I wouldn’t make it hard on you and would only have you copy scriptures.  There are a total of one hundred and eight volumes of scriptures in this temple, you can leave whenever you finish copying them.  As for your meals, they will naturally be sent to you.  You should read the scriptures and cultivate your mind, it will be of great benefit to you.”

She had no expressions on her face as she pointed at the high stack of scriptures on the table and said, “In order to show your respect to Buddha, you should kneel and copy them.”

Kneel and copy?

Chen Ning looked over the small hill of scriptures.  If she kneeled and copied them all, wouldn’t her legs be crippled when she was done?

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