Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: Want her to warm your bed

“Mother, your son will give a decree tomorrow that will allow her to separate and she will no longer be King Ding Yuan’s princess at that time.”

He had already made his decision.  Since he wanted to do this, then he would go to the end, not doing this sloppily.

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou glared right at him, giving an angry laugh, “He, he, you’ve even thought of this step, but did you ever think what reason you have for letting them separate!  Today, King Ding Yuan put on a good show in front of all the ministers and generals, proving his deep love to the entire world, yet you still want to order their separation?  What are you thinking?  Do you want the entire world to think that you, the ruler stole someone else’s wife?  Do you want to carry this scorn forever?”  She said in a righteous manner.

“For her, your son is willing to bear this.”  He said word for word.

“Emperor!  Do you even know what you’re saying!”  Empress Dowager Zhou did not dare believe her ears.

Mo Chuan tightly gritted his teeth, “Mother, since you can see through King Ding Yuan’s acting, then why are you willing to let him take Ning’er away?  Do you know what had just happened?  If your son hadn’t arrived in time…..”

“Emperor!  What nonsense!”  Empress Dowager Zhou slammed down her cane and cut him off, “This widow has already said, she is King Ding Yuan’s woman and whether King Ding Yuan wants her dead or alive, that is her life!  No matter what King Ding Yuan does to her, it doesn’t justify you as the emperor and his uncle to steal someone from him!  Have you thought about what you would do when King Ding Yuan comes to the palace tomorrow asking for her?  Do you want to turn this scandal into a storm and let the entire world know?”

“Your son…..”  Mo Chuan wanted to speak again.

Empress Dowager Zhou coldly looked at him, “Be quiet for this widow!  This widow doesn’t want to hear you talk right now.”

“Ding Yuan Princess, you come with this widow!”  She looked over at Chen Ning.  The disgust and hostility in her face was not hidden at all.

Although she didn’t want to look at her, Empress Dowager Zhou had to admit that this girl was as beautiful as a flower.  She was not only charming, she was also refined.  Not to mention men liking her, even when she looked at her, she felt her eyes light up.

Especially that face of hers that was clean without any makeup.  Her skin looked just like smooth jade, being full and smooth.  Her eyes were like purple grapes dyed with mist, being clear and bright.

The so called femme fatale was probably referring to a beauty like this.

It was no wonder that son of her’s that never liked any women would be willing to give up his crown and even personally went to kidnap her.

“Mother, she is staying here.  She won’t be going anywhere.”  Mo Chuan stood in front of Chen Ning.

Empress Dowager Zhou smacked her dragon headed cane down and said, “Emperor, do you know where this is?  This is your palace!  Her status is a princess and is not a concubine from your harem, yet you want her to stay here and warm your bed?”  Her voice suddenly became very stern.

“Mother!”  Mo Chuan’s face sunk and his anger appeared, “We are innocent.  Your son has never had that kind of idea.”

“He, he, innocent?  Even if you’re innocent today, if she stays here, then you might not be innocent tomorrow.”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave a cold laugh, “Ding Yuan Princess, this widow is asking you, are you leaving with this widow?”

Chen Ning’s mind turned.  It seemed like Empress Dowager Zhou’s words contained a deeper meaning.  It clearly meant that if she continued staying here, then…..

She calmly replied, “This minister’s concubine is willing.”

“Ning’er, you’re not allowed to go.”  Mo Chuan grabbed her hand.

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  1. admiralen says:

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