Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 406

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Chapter 406: If he did it, he would take responsibility

It was Empress Dowager Zhou!

The two of them instantly separated, being shocked at the same time.

Especially Mo Chuan.  With his martial arts, all the flowers and leaves in a ten meter radius outside couldn’t escape his ears.  However, he did not notice when Empress Dowager Zhou entered the door.

He had lost his senses in his passion.

His handsome face couldn’t help turning slightly red.  He helped her fix her slightly messed up hair before calmly standing up.

His careful actions made Chen Ning’s heart skip a beat.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here!”  He solemnly said this to her.

As soon as his voice fell, there was only a “peng” sound heard as the door was suddenly opened.

Empress Dowager Zhou leaned on her cane as she slowly walked in.  Her cold gaze looked over the two of them before falling onto Mo Chuan’s face.

Although Mo Chuan seemed calm and Chen Ning’s clothes were neat, their faces revealed a faint red blush.  She was someone with experience, being able to see through everything with a single glance.

She suppressed her rage and coldly said, “Emperor, you really are becoming even bolder.  You even dare to fake this widow’s decrees!”

Once he heard this, Mo Chuan knew that Empress Dowager Zhou knew everything.

He knew that nothing would escape Empress Dowager Zhou’s ears and he never intended to hide it.

If he did something, he would take responsibility for it!

Only he never thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would come so quickly.

“Mother has come at the right time.  Ning’er, come and pay respects to mother with this one.”

Mo Chuan pulled Chen Ning’s hand as he brought her in front of Empress Dowager Zhou, calmly bowing to her.

Empress Dowager Zhou was even angrier seeing this and her eyes fell right on Chen Ning.  With a cold smile, she said, “Ding Yuan Princess, you should remember your position!  This is the emperor’s palace and breaking in as a princess, this is a heavy offense!  Someone, heavily punish her for this widow!”

She forcefully shook her dragon headed cane and several maids came in with thick sticks, reaching out to grab Chen Ning.

She had even come with sticks, she really was prepared.

“Mother!  This is your son’s place and it was your son that brought her here, so she is innocent!  If mother wants to punish someone, then you can punish your son.”

With Mo Chuan’s cold gaze, the maids did not dare move forward.

Empress Dowager Zhou said in a cold voice, “Alright, since the emperor is willing to suffer for her, then this widow will first beat this unfilial thing!”

Mo Chuan did not say much and turned in front of her, revealing his back.

“Come, beat him for this widow!”  Empress Dowager Zhou commanded.

The palace maids looked at each other in blank dismay, no one daring to make a move.

This was a grudge between the Empress Dowager and the emperor, but they were just trivial servants so how could they dare to hit the emperor.

Empress Dowager Zhou was trembling from her anger.  She took a stick from one of the servants and began to beat down on Mo Chuan’s back.

Mo Chuan was still wearing the imperial guard’s cloths and there was a thin layer of armour over it.  He took it off and placed it on Chen Ning, leaving only a thin layer of cloth over his body.

With a “shua” sound, blood dyed the clothes red.

But he did not say anything and did not move.

“You…..Do you want to anger this widow to death?”  Empress Dowager Zhou cared about her son, so she couldn’t keep going.  She threw the stick to the side and pointed at Mo Chuan while scolding, “Emperor, what are you wearing?  You are the dignified ruler of a country and yet you have no prestige?  Not only do you fake this widow’s decree, you even disguised yourself as an imperial guard to steal your nephew’s woman.  You, you are losing face for the imperial family!”

Mo Chuan allowed her to scold him, standing there with a straight body, standing there in front of Chen Ning.

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