Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: Regaining what was lost

Thinking of Mo Chuan being outside, her heart turned warm and began to beat fast.  She quickly came of the tub and put on new, clean clothes.

When the sounds her dressing herself filled his ears, he couldn’t help thinking about it.  However, with his strong self restraint, he stopped himself from looking at the screen.


Chen Ning finally put on the final belt and then her body went into the air, being picked up by someone.  She did not need to look back to know that this warm and familiar embrace was from Mo Chuan.

His eyes stared at her without turning.  Her fresh from the bath appearance was like a white lotus that had just bloomed, with water dripping down from her black cloud like hair.

“Mo Chuan, you didn’t keep your word.  You took a secret peek!”

His burning eyes saw her face turn red.

“This one did not take a sneak peek.  If this one wants to see, then I will look at you directly.  Ning’er, you really are beautiful.”

His direct praise made Chen Ning’s face become even more red.  Especially with his passionate eyes staring at her, her heart was beating as fast as a little deer running.

He carried her back into the room and placed her onto a couch.  She wanted to stand up, but he pressed down on her shoulder.

“Don’t move.”

“What are you doing?”  Chen Ning blinked her eyes.

“I’m applying medicine for you.”

He opened a square box and took out a small porcelain bottle.  Uncorking the bottle, a cool herbal scent drifted out.

Chen Ning curiously looked into the box and found that there were various bottles inside of different sizes.

“Is this your treasure chest?”

“Be careful not to move.”  Mo Chuan gently tapped the back of her hand to stop her from messing around, “There are blood stopping medicine inside this box.”

Chen Ning stuck out her tongue and quickly pulled her hand back.

“Obediently lie down.”  Mo Chuan took a bit of clear ointment on his finger and gently rubbed it onto the swollen red area on her neck, slowly rubbing it in evenly.

The ointment was very cool and very soothing.  After it was applied, the burning pain was soothed quite a bit.

He sat beside her, being very close to her, with a nice smell coming from his body.

Under the orange candlelight, his fingers were slender and his eyebrows were handsome.  His eyes focused and a variety of soft lights filled his eyes.

With such a handsome face, it was impossible for a young girl to not lose herself in it.

She unknowingly fell into a daze looking at it.

“Is this one good looking?”


As soon as she spoke, she realized what she said and her face turned red.  She could only feel the burning sensation coming from it.

A cool feeling came from her cheek as his fingers rubbed the cool cream onto her burning face, gently rubbing it in.

“Your face is red.”  He calmly said.

Chen Ning immediately instinctively replied, “It is because I’m full of energy.”

“Yi, why is it white again?”  He suppressed his smile and deliberately teased her.

“Because you’re applying medicine for me!”  She angrily glared at him.

His fingers stopped on her face.  The place she had been injured in was not her face!

“Ning’er.”  He suddenly reached out his arms and pulled her into his embrace.  He hugged her in a gentle embrace, very gentle like he was holding a previous treasure.

In that instant, he suddenly felt like he regained something he had lost.

His hand stroked her hair again and again.  Leaning into his warm embrace, she couldn’t help closing her eyes and the corners of her eyes ached a bit.

This feeling of being cherished and loved by someone else was really good.

“Stay by this one’s side and I will solve all your problems for you.”

He said in a determined voice in her ear.

Solve, how would he solve it?

As Chen Ning wanted to speak, he held the back of her head and tightly pressed her into his chest.

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