Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: This one is not a eunuch

She heard his voice from his chest, “This one is the emperor and this one will give a decree for your separation.  When that time comes, you will be free and you can marry whoever you want to marry!”

Her eyes couldn’t help becoming wide, “Really?”

“It’s absolutely true!”

“Then I’ll say that I want to marry…..Chu Shao Bai!”  She looked away and deliberately said this.

“You’re not allowed!”  He blurted out before slowly saying, If you want to marry, then you can only marry me, Chu Mo Chuan!”

“Chu Mo Chuan?”  She gave a gentle laugh, “So your name really is Mo Chuan, I had thought you had given me an alias.”

“In front of you, every sentence and every word I said has been true.  I have never lied to you.”  His expression turned serious and his eyes focused on her.

“Nonsense, you lied to me about being an assassin…..”

He placed his finger on her lip and gently shook his head, “You’re the one that said that, this one never confirmed it.”

When she thought about it, he had responded with a single word: Maybe.

“You’re really a cunning fox, just like Xiao Si.”  She said in an unhappy voice.

Mo Chuan’s expression fell and his voice became a little angry, “This one doesn’t mind being called a sly fox, but this one will not let you say that I’m like Xiao Si.”


“He is an eunuch, but this one is not!”  A faint light shined in his dark eyes.

“Puchi!”  Chen Ning couldn’t suppress it and a laugh came out.

She never thought that the emperor with power over the world would say this kind of childish thing at a time like this.

This was really……cute!

“Then what should I call you in the future?  Should I call you emperor?  Mo Chuan?  Or should it still be Xiao Hei?”  She tilted her head as she said this with a smile.

Hearing the words Xiao Hei, his lips couldn’t help curling.

This was a black part of his history.

If his ministers and generals knew that the emperor had this kind of nickname, what prestige would he have left!

“Call this one……Mo Chuan.”

He liked the tone of voice she had when she said these two words.  There was a special feeling to it and every time he heard it, his heart skipped a beat.

Other than her, no one else dared to say his name.  Only her, he would only allow her to do so!

“Alright, then I’ll call you Mo Chuan, Mo Chuan, Mo Chuan…..”  She called his name again and again.  Her lips curled into a smile and her eyes sparkled.

He smiled as he looked at her standing by him.

Although they were just casually chatting and laughing, he was filled with endless satisfaction.  His heart was filled with peace, wishing that time would stop at this moment.

“You can’t call me anymore, if you do….”  He looked at her with a threatening glance.

She had almost turned the iceberg in his heart into a pool of spring water.

Also, all the people under him were all respectful, not daring to speak to him in a bold manner.  However, why was this girl not afraid of him at all?

“Mo Chuan!”  She suddenly called out.

“Un?”  He unconsciously replied to her.  He saw that in her eyes filled with smiles and gentleness, there was his clear reflected image.

“What did you want to say?”  His voice was a little choked and his heart slowly became warm.

“Do you still remember what I owe you?”  She looked down with her long, thick lashes and gently said, “I want to give it to you right now.”

Mo Chuan felt his heart almost burst out of his chest and his breathing almost stopped.

He must have heard wrong!

He looked at her in disbelief, “What did you say?”

“I said I want to return what I owe you, do you want it?”  She looked up with her gentle, misty eyes with a smile on her lips.  Slowly lifting her arms, she held his neck.

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  1. Justiffa says:

    Balm to my heart 🙂

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    I honestly didn’t like the novel bc of how CSY acted early on — I love angst, but not enough to be masochistic. So I dropped reading for months and then recently continued it. See, CSY is adorbs (my type of yandere lmao) but Chen Ning deserves better.

    Even if MC and CSB are sweet-ish, I think Chen Ning might feel happier by herself (or if not, those male leads should lay off and let her choose her path :U)

    Well, might just be because of how her situation reminds me of Ah Rong’s (Mei Gongqing — but Ah Rong’s situation is a lot worse tbh). Heck, they’re both surnamed Chen too.

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    Is that how you are asking her to marry you ? Lol
    In the end she is still in the Chu royal family 😅

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    Thanks for the chapter.

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    All The eligible males in the Chu Family have fallen for our lovely MC!!!!! Who else realized that

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