Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: I was afraid of losing you

“This one was afraid of losing you!”  Mo Chuan placed his chin on her head and said with a determined expression, “You should stay in the palace from now on by this one’s side.  This one will protect you and never let you be harmed again!  No matter how brave Chu Shao Yang is, he wouldn’t dare cause trouble in the palace!”

“Stay in the palace?”  Chen Ning looked around and revealed a faint smile, “What part of this place is different from Chu Shao Yang’s palace?  They are both just cages made from fine gold.  What, do you think that I’m a canary?”

“This one would prefer to treat you as a canary in a cage, rather than having that cat Chu Shao Yang eat you!”  Mo Chuan looked at her.

This girl, he was willing to go against the world for her and even offended the Empress Dowager to save her, but she did not appreciate it at all.

“Reporting to the emperor, the warm water has been prepared.”  The sound of the maid came from outside the door.

“Good!”  Mo Chuan picked her up and walked towards the door.

“Hey, let me go, I can walk on my own feet.”  Chen Ning’s face turned red.  Was he going to hold her while she was bathing?

“This one will not let go.”

Mo Chuan carried her into the bathroom.  The room was warm with steam floating around, with a big bucket behind a large screen.  There were bath towels and woman’s clothing to the side, even little cloth to be used as underwear.

Beside the tub, there were four maids standing there waiting.

Seeing this scene, Chen Ning’s face became even redder.

“Mo Chuan, you can tell them to leave.  I can wash myself.”

She wasn’t used to bathing in front of others.  Normally she even sent Xiao Ru out when she bathed.

“You can all go out.”  Mo Chuan ordered.

The maids all backed out and Mo Chuan finally set her down.  With a calm expression, he said, “Alright, there is no one here now.  You can bathe.”

Chen Ning did not move at all.

“Why do you want me to bathe?”  Her pretty face looked over and her eyes turned dark, “Do you think that I was touched by him and now I’m dirty?”

Mo Chuan could not help knitting his pretty eyebrows.  He felt angry and felt it was funny as he stared at her.

What was this girl’s brain thinking?

“This one does not care.  Even if you really were….this one does not care.  You will always be clean in my heart.”  He said in a serious manner.

“But I really didn’t!  He didn’t succeed!”  She bit her lips.

“This one knows!  Silly girl, do you really want to keep wearing the imperial guard’s clothes?  Wu, the smell of your sweat almost made this one vomit, but if you don’t mind, then this one won’t mind either.”  He pretended like he was going to pick her up.

Chen Ning took a few steps back.  She couldn’t help stomping her feet as she angrily looked at him.

She really did want to take a bath, being touched my Chu Shao Yang made her feel dirty.

“Then, you can leave too.”  She rolled her eyes.  He was the emperor, but he was also a man, did he want to see her bathe?

“This one will guard you here.”  Mo Chuan said in a composed manner, “You can be assured that this one will not sneak a peek.  I will turn around and there will be the screen, will this assure you?”

Sure enough, he turned around and did not take a look back.

“……”  Chen Ning silently looked at him, but with him here, she did feel more assured.

Even if he did not say a word, as long as she saw his tall figure behind the screen, her heart filled with a bit of sweetness.

Soaking in the warm water, she gave a long, comfortable sigh.  The scene from the carriage was like a nightmare, but it suddenly left her mind.

Only the burning pain from her neck reminded her of what had happened.

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