Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: Such a beautiful face

“You, what do you want?”  Chen Bi Yun’s teeth rattled as she trembled and desperately moved into the corner.

“This king was thinking of you, so I came to see you.”  Chu Shao Yang casually said as he slowly moved towards her.

“You, you, you, don’t come over!”  Chen Bi Yun closed her eyes in fear and loudly shouted.

“Yun’er, what are you afraid of?  This king does not want your life, this king is just here to help you apply your medicine.”  Chu Shao Yang revealed a gentle smile and pulled the veil off her face.  Seeing that face covered in lumps and leaking pus, he clicked his tongue in regret.

“Such a beautiful face, but it is a pity it became like this.  Even this king feels sorry for you.  Yun’er do you want to see your current face?”

“No, no, I don’t.”  Chen Bi Yun stuttered out, tightly closing her eyes.

“You have to even if you don’t want to!”

Chu Shao Yang grabbed her hair as he pulled her in front of the dresser.  Placing the bronze mirror in front of her, he gave a cold laugh.

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help opening her eyes.  There was no woman in this world that didn’t like looking in a mirror, not to mention that she was so enchanting.

“Ah!”  She suddenly gave a cry that was filled with terror.

“Who is this ugly monster!  Who is this!  It isn’t me!  It isn’t me!”  She wildly shouted, grabbing the mirror and forcefully throwing it.

Although there was no longer a mirror, that ugly and angry face filled with lumps and pus still remained in her mind.  Her eyes began to tremble from that single glance of her own ugly face.

Her hands moved to cover her face and her eyes closed, but she only placed her hands right in front of her face.

“How about it, are you satisfied?  This was caused by this king working hard to apply medicine for you everyday.  Yun’er, aren’t you feeling grateful towards this king?”  Chu Shao Yang gave a gentle laugh while speaking in a gentle tone.

But when Chen Bi Yun heard it, it was even more terrifying than the voice of the devil.

She was trembling as she thought of the scene of him applying medicine to her face.  In the past, she was even willing to die for him!

“Your highness, why could you harm Yun’er like this!  Why did you make Yun’er’s face this way!  Is it all for that cheap woman Chen Ning?  No, no, she isn’t the cheap woman, I am.  It was I who wronged you and lied to you!  Your highness, I beg you, can you cure Yun’er’s face?  As long as you cure Yun’er’s face, no matter what you want, Yun’er will give it to you, Yun’er will give it to you!”

Chen Bi Yun suddenly kneeled down, prostrating at Chu Shao Yang’s feet, begging him in tears.

She was filled with extreme fear towards this man in front of her.  She finally realized that she had actually fallen in love with a devil!

He had silently destroyed her face.  If he wanted to destroy her, it was as easy as killing an ant.

“Very good, Yun’er, you’re finally being obedient.  Then just honestly tell this king, which man’s evil seed is the child in your stomach from?”

Chu Shao Yang coldly looked down at Chen Bi Yun in a condescending manner.

Chen Bi Yun’s body trembled and she couldn’t help looking up, “Your highness, Yun’er has not lied.  The child in Yun’er’s stomach truly belongs to your highness.”

“Cheap woman!  You won’t admit it even on the edge of death!”  Chu Shao Yang’s anger completely filled his mind.  He raised his hand to slap her, but seeing her disgusting face, he slowly put his hand down.

“Your highness, Yun’er dares to vow to the heavens that other than your highness, Yun’er has never been with another man!”  Chen Bi Yun said through clenched teeth.


Chu Shao Yang really wanted to slap this woman to death, but then he remembered that if she died, then there would be no proof and he would never regain his innocence.

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