Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: Hard to tell whether it is a curse or a blessing

“Very good, since you haven’t thought it clearly yet, then this king will give you some time to continue thinking about it.  When you want to talk, then call for this king.  However, you should remember that this king is not patient and I cannot wait long.”

With these cold words, he stood up to leave.

“Your highness!”  Chen Bi Yun rushed forward to grab his foot and said while crying, “Yun’er’s child really does belong to you.”

Chu Shao Yang looked down and reiterated, “You really won’t tell the truth?  This king will tell you, the medicine on your will have a stronger effect.  Right now your lumps will become bigger, but in the end, it will create holes in your face until you turn into a skeleton beauty.  He, he, can you imagine a living person with a face like a dead skeleton?  You will become a monster at that time!  Yun’er, if you don’t want to become like that, then you better tell this king the truth.  This king will use his medicine to instantly cure your face and you will recover your previous beauty.”

Chen Bi Yun’s body continued to tremble as her eyes filled with fear.  She did not even dare look up at Chu Shao Yang.

This man was even more terrifying than the devil!

“Your highness, I…..I……”  Her lips quivered as an image suddenly filled her mind before she shouted, “Go and ask nanny, she will know!  Yun’er fainted from the wine that night and only remembered you bringing me to the bed.  As for what happened after, Yun’er really can’t remember, I can’t remember at all…..”  She desperately shook her head as tears wildly fell down her face.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart tremble.  That’s right, the nanny Miss Chen!

How could he forget such an important person!

He pulled his foot from Chen Bi Yun’s grip and turned to leave.

“Your highness, please give Yun’er the cure, please give Yun’er the cure!”  Chen Bi Yun cried out from behind him, but he ignored her and walked even faster.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart was anxious.  He directly went back to the palace and sent people to catch Miss Chen, but the news that he received was that Miss Chen had disappeared.

He immediately gathered all his secret guards and loudly commanded, “Everyone search for me, you have to find that Miss Chen.  Even if you completely flip the capital upside down, you have to bring Miss Chen back for this king!”


Chen Ning sat in the carriage.  Being escorted by the imperial guards, she made her way to the palace unobstructed.

She never thought that the person summoning her this time would be Empress Dowager Zhou.

Whether this was lucky or unlucky, whether this was a curse or a blessing, it was hard to tell.

Although she had only seen Empress Dowager Zhou once, she could tell that this seemingly peaceful Empress Dowager Zhou was actually a very powerful person.

Originally, being able to take the Empress Dowager position after struggling in the palace for over ten years, this was not something that someone without the proper ambitions and means could do.

Empress Dowager Zhou must have been a supreme beauty in her youth.  Although she was already in her fifties, one could still see the beauty of the past.  Only that white hair and those deep wrinkles could clearly tell everyone what kind of struggles she had faced over the years.

Chen Ning did not have the intention to investigate Empress Dowager Zhou’s story and it must be one that would make the listener sigh.

But that was unrelated to her.

She was worried about why Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly summoned her to the palace.

The carriage suddenly stopped.

“Princess Consort, please step out of the cart.”

The gentle voice of a young girl came from outside the carriage.

Chen Ning lifted the curtain too look outside and saw that they had stopped into front of a palace.  It was already night time and there was a row of red lanterns hanging on the palace’s door, with an eighteen-nineteen year old maid standing in front of the door.

She was prepared to step out, but suddenly knit her brows and stopped moving.

Her clothes was in tatters after what happened with Chu Shao Yang, so how could so go see others right now?

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  1. TeaTae says:

    He really is trying to make her tell lie, to think that he pamper so much in the earlier time.

  2. loulla says:

    I don’t think he is the father, obviously somebody else is, but she thinks its him

    • trannon1 says:

      I am pretty sure it is him.

      “Then you appeared and since you looked like Ning’er, this king believed that it really was you. Adding in the medicine kicking in, I almost could not control myself and made a large mistake. However, at the last moment, this king suddenly regained my senses and pushed you away before leaving through the window. ”

      Think about the inconsistency of this. He loves her so much that he would be willing to forgive another man’s child? Then explain why he would not touch her when she willingly presents herself to him. She even “looked” like Chen Ning, as if he knew what Chen Ning should look like then. Also, we need to remember that in the beginning of the story, Chen Ning revealed that CBY is pregnant and he more or less confirmed that he had slept with CBY already. He is just a ruthless liar.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wasn’t that in a not so private setting? Of course he’d give her some face if he thought she was CN. Lol he wouldn’t be able to help her or himself (greenhat) if he revealed that he did not sleep with her. After that, I’m pretty sure he kept himself off of her because of the chance she wasn’t CN(seen from his constant testing of her) and because if she was CN, she’s still pregnant and delicate.. ish.

        He’s still just a big liar.

        Wonder what really happened~

      • Perfectly Simple says:

        Could go either way tbh. They were in a not so private setting when it was announced. If he admitted it then, not only would it ruin her, he’d also lose some face by accepting the green hat. He’s too much of an arrogant piece of snickers for that.

        He’s not gonna touch her before then because he is “a romantic” and would want to save it for their wedding night and because she might not be CN. He’s often testing her after all. He also won’t touch her after for that reason, along with her being delicately pregnant.

        His suspicions are shown in his constant questioning her memory of the event. I mean, it was when they “fell in love”. Anyone would question it.

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    Thanks for the update.

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