Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: This man is too terrifying

Chen Bi Yun could only bear with it, however after chewing twice, her teeth filled with pain, almost losing her teeth.

“Pu!”  She spat out this mouthful and angrily scolded, “This meal is full of sand, how could a person eat it!”

“Since Concubine Consort Chen does not appreciate this kindness, then this servant will not be polite anymore.”  The maid put down the bowl and took out a long, thick rope, walking towards Chen Bi Yun.

“Cheap servant, you, you dare!”  Chen Bi Yun put on a strong front.

“If the Concubine Consort does not eat, then this servant has no other choice.”  The maid said without any emotions.

“I’ll eat, I’ll eat.”  Chen Bi Yun no longer dared to fight back and grabbed a handful of rice, desperately placing it in her mouth.  She was filled with anger and hate, and once again began to shed tears.

Suddenly the door of the room was slammed open by someone.

“Who is it?”

The maids turned around and saw Chu Shao Yang standing at the door.  That handsome face of his contained no emotions as his dark abyss like eyes stared right at Chen Bi Yun on the bed.

“We greet King Ding Yuan.”  The two maids quickly bowed down.

“Your highness!”

When Chen Bi Yun saw Chu Shao Yang, astonishment and joy mixed together as more tears fell from her eyes.

She didn’t even bother wearing shoes as she came off the bed, rushing barefooted towards Chu Shao Yang’s embrace.

His highness really loved her, he even came to visit her after she was imprisoned in the Cold Palace.  If this wasn’t love, then what was it?

“You’re finally here to see Yun’er.  Yun’er thought that your highness was filled with injustice and wouldn’t come see Yun’er anymore.”

She was sobbing as she spoke.  Feeling the Chu Shao Yang was not pushing her away, her crying became even stronger, but she also felt more confident.

“How could this king bare to not want you anymore?  Isn’t this king here to see you now?”  Chu Shao Yang’s voice was still gentle, but his face was cold and expressionless.

Chen Bi Yun did not see it and felt that she was overwhelmed by happiness.  She suddenly pointed at one of the maids and ruthlessly shouted.

“Your highness, this cheap servant was bullying Yun’er.  You have to help Yun’er vent her anger and punish her!”

“Oh, how did she offend Yun’er?  Tell this king and this king will make a decision for you.”  Chu Shao Yang’s voice was still gentle.

That maid did not dare look up and her body trembled.

“She was disrespectful and looked down on Yun’er.  She also fed dirty rice to Yun’er and even tried using a rope to bind Yun’er up.  Your highness, you have to teach her a fierce lesson for Yun’er!”  Chen Bi Yun triumphantly said.

“Very good.”

Chu Shao Yang took out a jade and threw it to the maid.

“You’ve done well, this is to reward you.  Keep doing this in the future.  Now go outside, this king has something to say to this cheap woman.”

“Many thanks your highness.”  The maid was shocked and overjoyed.  She gripped the jade as she walked out with the other maid, closing the door behind them.

“Your highness, you……you…..”  Chen Bi Yu did not dare to believe her ears.  Her eyes were wide open as she raised her head to look at that cold, handsome face without a single trace of heat.

“Cheap woman, are you comfortable living in the Cold Palace?”  Chu Shao Yang slightly narrowed his eyes.

Chen Bi Yun suddenly felt a chill run down her body and she couldn’t help taking a step back.

Too terrifying, this man was just too terrifying.

He…..He wouldn’t be here to take her life, right?

“He, he, now you know to feel fear?  When you lied to this king, did you think that this day would come?”  Chu Shao Yang just stood there, looking down at her, enjoying that fear that covered her face.

The more alarmed she was, the more satisfied he was.

He had always obtained contentment and price from her, but in front of Chen Ning, all he obtained was frustration and failure.

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