Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: Ten becomes one

Chen Ning suddenly gave a gentle laugh that was soft and charming, hearing it made his heart skip.  When he looked up, he saw her just lying beneath him with a charming smile, enchanting enough to steal his soul.

“You’d like me even if I was a ghost?  Alright, then pull out your heart for me.  If it’s true, then I’ll believe you.”

“Isn’t it easy to see this king’s heart?  This king will show it to you now.”  He stood up and and opened up his purple robe, revealing his powerful chest.

“But this king also wants to see if your heart has any other men other than this king inside of it.”

He gave an evil smile and he released her hands.  His two large palms went to the final barrier on her chest and prepared to pull it apart.

Chen Ning suddenly took off the hairpin in her hair and her cloud like black hair fell down.  She placed the hairpin to her neck and a drop of blood came out, slowly dripping down her snow white neck.

“Chu Shao Yang, I’m not afraid of death, so how about you?  Don’t you love me?  If I die, then will you die with me?  Un?”

She raised her head with a smile blooming as she spoke in a slow voice.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned and all his muscles instantly froze.

“Chen Ning!  Don’t force me!”  He spat out these words through gritted teeth.

“I’m just giving you a chance to show me your love.  What, can you not do it?  Or are you tired of acting?  Let me tell you, even if I, Chen Ning become a ghost, I still will not be willing to be your woman!  Don’t you like ghosts?  Then I’ll turn into a ghost and see how much you love me!”

Chen Ning’s eyes were cold as the hairpin entered her flesh.  She forcefully pierced it into her neck.


Mo Chuan was supporting Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand, step by step walking her to her palace.

“You can all leave.”

Empress Dowager Zhou sent away everyone present and there was only her and Mo Chuan left in the palace.

She slightly raised her chin and her eyes turned cold.  With a cold voice, she spat out, “Kneel!”

Mo Chuan’s back remained straight and his face was calm, “Your child has not done anything wrong, why would I kneel?”

“He, he, you’ve done nothing wrong?  Emperor, do you think this widow is a blind and deaf fool?  You and that Miss Chen, tell this widow the truth of what happened between you two!”

Empress Dowager Zhou pushed away Mo Chuan’s hand.  She picked up a dragon headed cane and smacked down at Mo Chuan’s knees.

“Kneel for this widow!”

Mo Chuan took a deep breath and caught Empress Dowager Zhou’s cane, “Mother, between your son and her…..it is what mother thinks it is!”

Empress Dowager Zhou gave a cold laugh, “Oh, her?  Who is she?  Is it Miss Chen?  Or is it Ning’er?”

She heavily threw the cane and continued her cold laugh, “This widow knows that your heart was touched by that girl.  She is very beautiful, but she’s not the only beautiful girl in this world.  Out of all the girls that were here today, which one wasn’t graceful and elegant?  Even if you’re missing a beautiful Miss Chen, if you have ten of them, then it should equal to a single Miss Chen, right?”

Mo Chuan tightly pursed his lips, not saying a single thing.

Empress Dowager Zhou flew into a rage, “Emperor, you have to remember your status.  Not only are you the ruler of a country, in terms of seniority, that Miss Chen should be calling you uncle!  Her husband is your blood related nephew!  Are you trying to go against ethics and commit something that only animals do that everyone looks down on?  Are you trying to throw away the face of your ancestors?”

“Mother, you make it too serious.  Your son knows his limits and will not do anything that only animals would do like mother has mentioned.  Your son will follow customs in displaying affection to her…..”

Before Mo Chuan even finished, Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyebrows jumped up.  She raised her hand and gave him a strong slap to the face.

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