Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: Going crazy for you

The horse carriage suddenly hit a bump.

Chu Shao Yang was caught off guard and was thrown forward.

“Bastard, you deserve to die.  You can’t even properly drive a carriage, what use does this king have for you!”

He was just holding a warm and soft jade in his hand and his mind was intoxicated, but suddenly being interrupted, his mood was ruined and he couldn’t help cursing out.

The horse driver shrunk his head back and did not make a single sound.

“Ke…..Ke, ke, ke…..”  Chen Ning was awakened by this.  She caressed her painful neck and forcefully coughed a few times.


With a crisp cloth tearing sound, she felt a chill on her left arm.  The sleeve had been torn off by Chu Shao Yang, revealing her snow white, jadelike arm.

“Very good, you’re still clean.”  He stared at the blood red Palace Guarding Sand dot and revealed a satisfied smile.

“Chu Shao Yang, you’re shameless!”  Chen Ning instantly understood what he meant and her face turned bright red, almost having blood drip out.

“Shameless?  This king will let you see what true shamelessness is!”  He gave an evil smile and rushed over like a cheetah, slamming her against the carriage’s wall.

The horse pulling the horse suddenly gave a whiney as the cart swayed.  The driver was so scared that he almost dropped his whip.

He didn’t dare become angry and definitely did not dare turn around.  He knew that his highness wanted to have some fun!  However they were still on a crowded street.

“Chu Shao Yang, you’re crazy!”  Chen Ning looked at him with a gaze filled with hate.  With his heavy body pressing down on her, she found it hard to breath once again.

She did not struggle at all.  In this situation, the more she struggled, the more excited he would be.

She could already see the wild beast like glow in his eyes.

“That’s right, this king is truly crazy.  I’m crazy for you!”

He gave a grin while heavily breathing.  His entire body felt like it was on fire.

The moving carriage and loud voices, as well as her soft body underneath him made him strangely excited that he could no longer control himself.

“You beast!”  Chen Ning raised her hand and forcefully sent out a palm.

He easily caught her wrist and gripped her other hand with the same hand, controlling her.  He lifted her head and made it so she could not move at all.

“You better call out as loudly as you can.  This king does not mind pulling down the curtains and letting entire city see just how much this king loves his princess.”

“Chu Shao Yang, are you even a man!”  She was trembling in anger from his shamelessness.

“You’ll be able to tell soon whether this king is a man or not.”  He impatiently went to untie the knot on her dress.  With his fingers becoming a claw, a “chi la” sound was heard as he tore her dress in half.

Chen Ning’s heart almost jumped out her chest.  Stop him!  She had to find a way to stop him!

He touched her pants and then with a tear, he brought his thin finger up her little leg, slowly moving towards her abdomen.

“Ning’er, you will feel a lot of pain, but this pain will make you remember that this king is your first man and your only man!”

Her entire body began to tremble.

“Chu Shao Yang, stop, stop now!  She’s dead, then Chen Ning that saved you eight years ago is already dead!”  She suddenly loudly called out.

“Oh?”  He paused for a second before beginning to laugh.

“She’s dead?  Then who am I hugging, a ghost?”  His lips came close to her with an evil and uncaring smile, “Even if you are a ghost, this king doesn’t care.  This king likes you, my little ghost girl….”

He stared at her lips that were like tempting candied fruit.  His adam’s apple moved a bit before he moved forward to kiss her lips.

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