Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: She would be his eventually

“Emperor!  Do you even have any face!”

Empress Dowager Zhou’s body trembled with anger as she pointed at Mo Chuan and scolded, “She is from the younger generation, the princess of your nephew!  You actually dare to say that you’ll follow customs in displaying affection to her?  You should be avoiding her like a venomous snake, not touching her at all, not even thinking about her!  How could this widow give birth to such a confused thing like you!  Today…..Today, this widow will beat a shameful beast like you to death, otherwise this widow will not be able to face our ancestors after dying!”

She lifted her dragon head cane and smashed it down at Mo Chuan’s back.

Mo Chuan’s back turned stiff, but it became straighter as he allowed Empress Dowager Zhou to repeatedly slam her cane on his back.

“Mother, your son has done nothing wrong!”

“He, he, you’ve done nothing wrong.  Then is it this widow’s fault?”  Empress Dowager Zhou gripped the cane while panting, “You’ve always avoided getting an empress and even refused to marry a princess, so this widow left it up to you, but who would have thought that you would fall in love with your nephew’s princess!  You still don’t feel embarrassed to say that you’ve done nothing wrong!”

Mother, do you truly believe King Ding Yuan is truly in love with her and will not hurt her?”

“It doesn’t matter if this widow believes or not, the most important things is that she is the Ding Yuan Princess!  It’s fine if King Ding Yuan keeps his promise, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t, it is her life!  There is no need for you as the emperor to fall in love with this beauty and helping her!”

Empress Dowager Zhou scolded in a severe manner.

“If you want to fall in love with a beauty, there are many girls in this world to pick from.  You have the choice, so why do you keep insisting on falling for another person’s woman!  If she was just a married woman, this widow would not stop you if you really like her, but she is the King Ding Yuan Princess!  You can pick any women in the world, just not her!”

Saying this, Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice changed.

“Emperor, did you forget how you obtained your throne?”

Mo Chuan’s body trembled as he slowly clenched his fist, staring right at Empress Dowager Zhou.

“Your son has not forget, how could your son forget?  Your son clearly remembers everything, but your son is not willing to let her suffer at the hands of King Ding Yuan just to keep the emperor position.  So, forgive your son for being unfilial, but if mother feels that your son is not suited for the emperor position, then your son is willing to abdicate.”

After he finished speaking, he gave Empress Dowager Zhou a deep bow.  Then he turned around and walked out with a straight back.

“Emperor!”  Empress Dowager Zhou shouted from behind him.

Mo Chuan’s steps stopped for a second, but then he walked away without any hesitation.

If he didn’t go save her, then it would be too late!


“Stop!  Stop!  I won’t touch you.  I promise, I definitely won’t touch you!”

Chu Shao Yang called out.  He was completely shocked by the blood on her neck and face, finally being defeated in this battle.

He stared at her with eyes of disbelief.  She would rather die than be his woman?


“Scram!”  She gritted her teeth and looked at him like she was looking at a fly.

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth.  Even if he was not willing, he did not dare provoke her.

Seeing her cold look of disgust, he was suddenly filled with regret.  He was so filled with regret that he wished he could slap himself.

Did he just go crazy?  Why would he try to force himself on her?

Didn’t he swear that he would take care of her?

Because he had done too many bad things to her, right now he wanted to make her slowly forget the bad things about him and let her only remember the good things.

In the end…..He had just made it worse!

However, there was plenty of time in the future.  With the Empress Dowager supporting him, she would be his eventually, so he wasn’t anxious!

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