Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: Slowly eating her

“Ning’er, this king wants to treat you well, so you better not provoke this king’s bottom line!”  He tightly pursed his lips.

Chen Ning was no longer looking at him, turning her eyes window.

He pinched her cheek and raised her head, forcing her to look at him.

“This king will clearly tell you that you are my, Chu Shao Yang’s woman and you will be for your entire life!  You and I were bound together eight years ago and other than me, you are never allowed to have another man in your eyes!”

She curled her lips into a provoking sneer and coldly looked at him.

“Chu Shao Yang, I really thought that you had changed, but I never thought that you would reveal your previous face this quickly.  It’s better for you to act this way, compared to the you with a mask that just disgusts me!”

Chu Shao Yang did not fly into a rage, but rather smiled.  He forcefully gripped her chin and the anger in his eyes became even stronger.

“He, he, you think this king is disgusting, then who isn’t disgusting to you?  The emperor?  Do you think the emperor is better looking compared to me?  Making you fall in love at first sight?”

He angrily slid his fingers down, grabbing onto her beautiful neck and slamming her into the cold carriage wall.

“Say it, what did you two do when you were in the royal study!”  He slowly said with a terrifying cold look in his eyes.

He thought of how she changed her dress for no reason, thought of her removing her veil, thinking of the emperor unconsciously taking a deep look in her direction and his heart was filled with jealousy that spread like a snake’s venom.

Chen Ning could not breath and her face turned red.  She firmly stared right at him and her lips moved a few times, but she could not make a sound.

“What do you want to say?”  Chu Shao Yang’s fingers loosened a bit and his eyes flashed with a bit of hope, but they were immediately swallowed by the flames of rage.

He pressed down even harder on her neck.  He could not allow her to speak because he was afraid of hearing something that he could not accept.

“If you ever dare do something that you shouldn’t do to this king, this king will not forgive you.  This king will eat you piece by piece!  Because you are mine, mine, mine!”  He angrily roared while his fingers used even more strength.

Chen Ning’s eyes filled with gold stars and she was desperately struggling, but his large hand was tightly gripped around her neck, not moving at all!

Finally her body dropped and she fainted.

“Ning’er!”  The moment she fainted, Chu Shao Yang suddenly let go and quickly caught her falling body.

Seeing the red mark on her neck, he felt pain and regret.

He must have gone crazy, he actually almost choked her to death.

“Ning’er, this king did not want to hurt you.  I don’t want to hurt you, but this king lost his temper because of you!  I was angered to the point that I lost my reasoning…..”

His heart ached as he caressed the marks on her neck.  That soft and smooth feeling made his heart beat fast.  He looked down and stared right at her.

She was not moving at all, silently lying in his embrace.  That pale face was surprisingly charming and made his heart beat fast.

He knew that she did not die and had only fainted.

“How great it would be if you would obediently lie in this king’s embrace just like this when you wake up.”

He stared at her beautiful as an orchid face and his heart filled with warmth as a smile slowly appeared on his lips.

“Ning’er.”  He stroked her hair while slowly moving closer to her, “You don’t know how long this king has thought of you, waiting for this moment.  Eight years, this king has thought of you for an entire eight years…..”

His hot breath fell onto her face.

His lips touched her face very gently, like tasting a delicious dish, one small mouthful after the other.

That’s right, he had thought about her for an entire eight years, how could he eat her in a single bite?  He would slowly taste her bit by bit.

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