Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Producing rain with a flip of one’s hand

She did not finish her words before Chu Shao Yang slapped his thigh and said, “Good!  Yun’er, your method is quite good!”

His eyes were cold as ice as he revealed a fierce smile and said, “If she really did do something that this king cannot forgive, then this king will not only destroy her reputation, I will also make her wish she was dead!”

Chen Bi Yun revealed a look of fear and said, “Your highness, Yun’er believes that elder sister is not someone like that.  For your highness and elder sister’s reputations, these two mothers must be discreetly picked.”

“You’re absolutely right.  Yun’er, who do you think is suitable for this task in the palace?”

Chen Bi Yun hesitated for a bit before saying, “Yun’er has heard before that the Ceremonial Department’s Mother Meng and the Main Management Department’s Mother Jiang were both experienced and prudent old wet nurses.”

“Alright, tomorrow this king will send someone to bring those two over and check that cheap woman’s body!”

Chu Shao Yang stroked Chen Bi Yun’s long hair, revealing a loving smile towards her, “Yun’er, you really are the closest person to this king.  This king is truly fortunate being able to obtain you!”

Chen Bi Yun gently hugged his waist.  With a sweet smile, she said in a gentle voice, “Being able to share your highness’ worries, is something Yun’er should do.  Yun’er hopes that elder sister will be innocent, fixing your highness and elder sister’s relation.  This is what Yun’er hopes for.”

“Yun’er, that cheap woman almost caused you to die today, but not only do you not hate her, you’re even doing this kind of thoughtful thing for her, even hoping that this king will be kind to her.  A kind woman like you is very rare, but this king hopes that cheap woman will be able to turn over a new leaf and become a new person after finding out all that you have done!  However, you don’t have to worry.  Even if she is innocent, this king will not feel anything towards that evil woman!”  Chu Shao Yang tightly held her as he resolutely said this.

“Your highness, elder sister, she…..”  Chen Bi Yun wanted to say more, but she was interrupted by Chu Shao Yang.

“You don’t have to say anything else for her.  How I should treat her, this king knows what to do!  Good Yun’er, listen to this king’s words and go to sleep.”

Chu Shao Yang let her lie in his arms and he carefully placed the blanket over her, caring for her.

The maid on the side had sharp eyes, so she closed the curtains and blew out the candles.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart was filled with satisfaction as she closed her eyes.

She knew that the more she pushed Chen Ning towards Chu Shao Yang, the further he would stay away from her.

It seemed like she was thinking about Chen Ning, even coming up with a way to prove her innocence, but Chu Shao Yang had no way of knowing what kind of people the wet nurses in charge of doing medical examinations were!

Producing rain with a flip of one’s hands.  It was unknown how many young lady’s reputations have been destroyed under the hands of these body examining mothers!

Thinking of this, Chen Bi Yun gave a proud smile.

Chen Ning, ah Chen Ning.  After tomorrow’s examination, your reputation will be ruined and you’ll wish for death!

Chu Shao Yang had no doubts towards Chen Bi Yun’s words.  He sent someone early in the morning to fetch Mother Meng and Mother Jiang and then brought all the guards in the palace to charge towards the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, filled with killing intent.

He did not receive Xiao An Zi’s report all night, which meant that Chen Ning did not return!

A heavy lock hung from his heart, making him feel worse and even more angry.

Such a bold slut, not coming back at night and staying with other men.  She clearly did not put her own husband in her eyes at all!

If he did not ruin her reputation, then he would not be King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang!

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  1. Disgusting !!! I hate you !
    She wants to olot against Chen Ning and let those two mamas that are ‘trustworthy’ tell the world that ShaoYang worries that he will wear a green hat, ceause Chen Ning is behaving suspicouse with a man. And those two mamas will ‘discover’ that CN did loose her verginity with some other man.
    Thag way CN will loose her reputation and be shamed.
    Chen Ning ! Go to the palace and tell them the story , about how YB and SY plot against you to and want to frame you saying that you dishonorable !!!

  2. passingbyreader says:

    Yun’er, that cheap woman almost caused you to die today, but not only do you not hate her, you’re even doing this kind of thoughtful thing for her, even hoping that this king will be kind to her.

    !!! DUDE, YOUR CONSORT TRIED TO KILL YOUR LEGAL WIFE. I get trying to defend her but duddddeeeeeeee wtf?! REALLY kind of her to try and kill Cheng Ning to the point that she should be thankful.

    I dropped a sword in your heart, when are you going to thank me? >:/

  3. joellyanne says:

    I would seriously sent an assassin for this two that can give me a guarantee that they would be both dead at that evening to rid of this two pieces of dung completely.

  4. Maki says:

    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Chanel says:

    Ugh, I hate these two a**hats so much. Just let CN go! >_<

  6. Dermam says:

    Good thing she has the emperor on her side lol

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