Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: Slandering someone

Chu Shao Yang’s hand was on the red hollow carved door.  Without opening it, a “ya” sound rang out and it opened on its own.

“Such a ruckus this early in the morning, disrupting one’s sleep.  Where did this noise come from?  Chun Tao, Xia He, how are you two taking care of the yard?  How could you let any kind of riff raff into our courtyard?”

Chen Ning lazily appeared in front of him.  She had one hand on the door and the other hand covering her yawn.  

It was like she suddenly saw Chu Shao Yang.  Her eyes went wide and she revealed a surprised expression.

“Aiya, this princess thought it was the wild dog from the back alley…..I never thought that it would be your highness.  Your highness coming to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion early in the morning to find this princess, really is a surprising matter.”

Her face was covered in makeup.  Accompanying her exaggerated expression, Chu Shao Yang felt a wave of disgust.

This damn cheap woman, she must have knew that he was coming.  The makeup on her face was clearly newly applied, but she really was ugly.  If one was ugly, it didn’t matter how much makeup they used, she would still look like an ugly monster!

Chu Shao Yang did not even look at her as he walked into the courtyard with a sinister expression.

He was already used to her sarcasm, so he did not feel angry.  What made him angry was another matter.

She had actually came back, which was outside of his expectations.

But he immediately thought of something.  The black clothed bodyguard was an expert with extraordinary skills.  If he took her out of the palace, it was very easy for him to avoid the guards.

It was his fault for not thinking of this in the first place.

But this did prove one thing which was that she and that bodyguard must have a secret they couldn’t tell others.  Otherwise, why wouldn’t she just openly enter in front of the guards?

Thinking of this, Chu Shao Yang became even angrier.  His first thought was that a pair of dog man and woman had spent the night together!

He angrily charged into Chen Ning’s room and ran up beside the large bed.  His hands ripped the sheets into two halves, revealing an empty bed.

No one!

There’s no one here!

But this was not enough to calm Chu Shao Yang’s anger.  He suddenly turned around and grabbed Chen Ning’s hand, while shouting, “Where is that man!”

Chen Ning made a “ze” sound and said, “Man, what man?  Your highness always seems to come to my Flowing Cloud Pavilion to find men.  Did all the men in the palace suddenly die?”

Although Chu Shao Yang’s body was releasing a cold killing intent, she was not scared at all.  Instead, she just covered her mouth and giggled.

“Stop speaking nonsense to this king!  Where is your bodyguard?  Don’t think that this king doesn’t know what you two have been doing!  Cheap woman, this king is telling you, if you dare to do anything you shouldn’t do to this king, then this king will chop you up and feed you to the dogs!”  He gritted his teeth and stared at Chen Ning with eyes that seem to be shooting out flames.

Chen Ning’s giggling face turned into a dark one and she said in a cold voice, “What do you means your highness?  Are you trying to slander this princess’ purity?”

Although she didn’t know what rumours Chu Shao Yang heard last night, she could see that he was here with ill intention.

“Innocence?  Do you even have your innocence now?”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh.  His eyes swept across the room and he found no traces of Mo Chuan, but that did not dispel the anger and doubt in his heart.

Turning around, he looked right at Chen Ning, “Cheap woman, do you dare prove your innocence in front of everyone?”

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