Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Causing trouble for his highness

“Reporting to the princess, little sister Xiao Ru is still at the horse track.  She said that she would wait until you return, otherwise she would not leave even if she died.”  Xia He said.

Chen Ning’s heart felt warm.  She murmured, “That silly girl.”

“Xia He, go to the horse track and find Xiao Ru.  Tell her that I’m fine and she no longer needs to worry.”

“Yes, princess consort.”  Xia He replied.  When she prepared to leave, she suddenly saw Mo Chuan’s figure and was shocked.

“Ah!  Where did this man come from!  Who are you?”  She pointed at Mo Chuan as she screamed out.

Mo Chuan did not saw a word and did not even look at her.  His body just released a cold aura that allowed no living being to approach him.

Xia He felt a chill run down her body and curses she wanted to scream was swallowed into her stomach.

This man was so terrifying!

“Chun Tao, Xia He, he is my saviour, it was him who saved me.  His martial arts is really good, so I asked him to come be my bodyguard.  You can call him Bodyguard Hei.  Bodyguard Hei will be living in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion from now on and you two must be respectful to Bodyguard Hei.  You’re not allowed to be the slightest bit rude, do you understand?”

Chen Ning had a solemn expression on her face as she spoke to the two maids in a serious voice.

She did not want the two maids to accidentally offend Mo Chuan, otherwise they wouldn’t even know how they died.

“Yes, princess consort.  This servant understands.”  Chun Tao and Xia He replied at the same time.

The two of them secretly looked over at Mo Chuan.  When they saw that he didn’t even look at them, they secretly thought, isn’t he just a bodyguard?  Even if he did save the princess consort, it isn’t all that special.  What was so special about him?

“Chun Tao, prepare a place for Bodyguard Hei to live in.  Un, it’s best if it’s the room right beside mine.  Chen Ning thought about it and thought it be safest to let Mo Chuan live close to her.

The two maids couldn’t help curling their lips as the looked at each other.

“Why are you not going?”  Chen Ning lifted her eyes.

“Princess consort, this servant has something she isn’t sure if she should say.”  Chun Tao worked up her courage as she carefully looked at Chen Ning.

If it was the previous her, she definitely would not dare to say anything.  After being with Chen Ning for a while, she knew that Chen Ning was a reasonable person, so she worked up her courage.

“Say it.”

Chun Tao secretly looked at Mo Chuan and then quickly turned her eyes after being scared off by his cold aura.

“Princess consort, you bringing Bodyguard Hei into the palace and letting him live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, shouldn’t we report this to his highness first?  Princess consort has a distinguished identity and if we have a guard living in the princess’ courtyard, this servant is worried that his highness would not be willing to accept this.”  She tactfully said.

What she was thinking in her heart was that the princess consort was truly too daring, not even caring about his highness at all.  She had brought an outside male bodyguard into the palace and even allowed him to live in the room beside her.  Wasn’t this just causing trouble for his highness?

Even if his highness did not like the princess consort, he would not be happy to see his legal princess and a male bodyguard living in the same courtyard.

Not to mention, they all liked to see Chen Ning and were hoping that his highness would change his mind.  They hoped that his highness would make up with the princess consort and fix their relationship.  After all, his highness’ palace was the princess consort’s permanent home.

“Un, you’re definitely right.  Chu Shao Yang will definitely not agree to this.”  Chen Ning smiled as she nodded.  Then she asked Chun Tao, “But, does it matter to me if he’s willing or not?  Why does this princess need to care if he’s willing or not?”

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