Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Bad intentions

Chun Tao’s mind was confused, but she did not dare to go against Chen Ning’s orders.  She just nodded and went out.

Xiao Ru had just finished pumping a bucket of water and heard everything.  Her little face instantly turned red as she angrily said, “Young miss, second miss is clearly the weasel paying the chicken a new year’s greeting.  She has bad intentions!”

Chen Ning could not help laughing once.  She pinched Xiao Ru’s face as she smiled and said, “You’re right, you’ve said it beautifully.  In the future while following me, your knowledge will definitely grow very quickly.  Perhaps next year you can test to become a scholar and become the leader of the field.”

Xiao Ru stomped her feet, “Young miss, stop teasing this servant.  Once the second miss comes in and sees that you aren’t injured, she will definitely report back to his highness!”

“No need to be afraid.  Bring your ear over here.”  Chen Ning smiled at Xiao Ru and quietly whispered a few words into her ear.

Xiao Ru’s eyes suddenly lit up.


“Concubine consort, in front of you is the courtyard that the princess lives in.”

Chen Bi Yun was standing on the small stone bridge and looking in the direction that Lan Xiang was pointing in.  She suddenly gave a contemptuous laugh and her heart felt much more relaxed.

This place was far away and the courtyard was old and broken.  If it wasn’t for the two crooked “happy” words on the doors, she would not have thought that people lived here.

It could not compare with her Drunken Flower Pavillion.  This place was no better than a dog kennel!

It seems like Chen Ning, that cheap woman does not have any position in his highness’ heart.  The position of King Ding Yuan’s princess would eventually fall onto her head.

Chen Bi Yun proudly smiled as her right hand gently touched her stomach.  As long as she could protect the child in her stomach, she would able to secure her position.  If it was a boy, then she could persuade his highness to make him his heir and she could stand up as the son’s mother.  At that time, that cheap woman Chen Ning would not have to right to compete with her!

But she already could not wait for the day that the child would be born.

The best scenario was if Chen Ning……died right now!

Chen Bi Yun leisurely walked forward and arrived in front of Chen Ning’s courtyard.  Seeing that the two gates were shut tight, Lan Xiang prepared to move forward and knock on the door.  The doors suddenly opened and a beautiful maid stood at the entrance.  She greeted her once she saw Chen Bi Yun.

“This servant Chun Tao greets the concubine consort.”

Chen Bi Yu did not look at Chun Tao and just took out a handkerchief to cover her nose.  She said in despising voice, “Why does a foul odour appear once we enter into this courtyard?  This is such an unpleasant odour.  How are you servants cleaning this place?  It smells just like a pig’s pen!  Where is my elder sister?  I heard that she was injured so this concubine has prepared some gifts for her.”

Her arrogant manner made Chun Tao secretly grit her teeth.

She remembered Chen Ning’s orders so she politely responded, “My princess princess is heavily injured and cannot move, so please come in concubine consort.  The princess consort will definitely be happy to see you.”

Princess consort!

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help giving a snort.

Once that cheap woman in this house died, then the title of princess consort would soon be hers.

As she was prepared to come in, a maid suddenly rushed out.  She had a panicked expression as she shouted, “Elder sister Chun Tao, this is bad!  The princess is spitting out blood.”

The maid almost ran right into Chen Bi Yun.

Chen Bi Yun stepped back and her face filled with anger as she coldly stared at this maid.

Lan Xiang reprimanded, “Blind thing, you almost hit the concubine consort!  The concubine is pregnant and if you hurt the concubine’s golden body, your skin will be peeled off!  Whose servant are you?  What is your name!”

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