Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 1 Release

Phew, as it turns out, getting CPA certified is difficult, so thanks to that (and Starbound >_>), I almost fell behind on my buffer this week, but I’m still maintaining my 2 week head start as usual. (Thanks mostly to a chapter so delicious that I binge translated it into the early morning)

In addition, a new translation proofreader has joined the team starting this chapter, so everyone welcome Piroton!


Next chapter will be Friday at the same time

Current chapter: Here


Also, a shout-out to Conor McGroarty for his efforts in mapping a family tree in the comments of V1C11, these next few chapters should help you fill out that tree further

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  1. DOHere says:

    Welcome, Piroton! Thanks both of you for your hard work!

  2. Anna Tong says:

    okay i search google to find out what CPA is..
    good luck!!

  3. Cheesepit says:

    Hi! thnk you for the chapter ^^

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