Careless Demon Volume 1, Chapter 11 Release

Before the chapter link, allow me to help clarify a point of confusion that some of the readers have expressed, from the point of view of a long-time fantasy consumer and writer.


First of all, to those of you who are worried that the fluffy fluffy goodness is gone forever and this story will turn into an action packed gore-fest: do not worry. The fluffy continues. The previous chapters had a different tone for two reasons. First, to provide an action packed climax, because that’s what fantasy books do. Second, to remind the readers of a very important fact:

This is a slice of life novel, whose main perspective is that of a Monster.

Unlike many Japanese fantasy stories, where every intelligent being is indistinguishable from a human, mind-wise [See: monster harems], the author has taken a more orthodox stance of fantasy. Yuru is a Demon who has latched on to memories of what could have possibly been a past human life. That’s her foundation. She seems to want to fit in with humans, whether for having relations, or purely for self-preservation is unknown, as both have been mentioned. However, as a monster, as much as she wants to act like a human, she isn’t one, and can’t ever fully be one.

These previous two chapters involved our cute little Yuru coming to terms with that, as well as facing something even us human’s deal with from time to time: losing control.


Whether or how she continues her human life, however, can be read: Here

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  1. Joshan says:

    thanks for the chapter dude and yes some of us already pointed that out and that every volume is pretty much the same setting: fluffiness for a few chapters then gore towards the end of the volumes.

  2. Cabman says:

    Complete breakdown. Of the devil / demon translation so no more problems

    悪魔公女 〜ゆるいアクマの物語〜

    Isn’t this more along the lines of demon/devil princess or demon/devil duchess? 公女 could be translated as Fair Lady also

    ( 悪魔 meaning both devil and Demon. But sometimes a devil and a demon are separate from each other)

    But a chapter title from the raw is like this
    第四章・デヴィル プリンセス ( devil princess. So it’s obviously hinting at the Devil and not the demon).
    「…【 悪魔公女(デヴィルプリンセス) 】…」
    But with the author’s use of this. It shows that the title was meant to be devil princess not demon princess. Especially with the three types of ruling class of the spirit world.

    魔神 (majin) Majin/Magic God/ genie/ Demon God/Etc.” You can also be early mean “the devil”

    things that I found while digging some more.
    (Slight spoilee alert)

    The three ruling factions of the spirit world

    デヴィル = 魔神 is the more pure representation of “the devil” in this context rather than “demon god” basically what she becomes later. It is exremely rare so she’s practically the only one.(second)

    悪魔公 = Demon Lord / Demon aristocrat (デモンロード) not demon king. The second ruling faction

    ビースト = 魔獣 the third ruling faction. Demon Beast.

    ××+×TL DR×××
    魔物 (mamono) this is the one we’re all familiar with
    should to be called monsters rather not demons. Or demonic creatures.
    This Is the one that is the random monsters like goblins, Orcs, Cyclops and the.

    魔神 consider this one “the devil” or “devil” essentially the singular “Satan/lucefer” type existence

    悪魔 this should be considered “demon” the ones that come from hell
    So from lesser demon >> greater demon, >> archdemon >> Demon Lord etc

    魔族 and this one would be the “demon race”. Or mazoku( it might be better to call them this) and there’s also “asmodians” (easy to remember) as according to Google Translate for their “biological race”

    And 「…【 悪魔公女(デヴィルプリンセス) 】…」 is devil princess not demon princess (in this story and context.

    • App says:

      Yup, know all that, but don’t really care.
      Accuracy is secondary to readability and ease of translating. I’m picking a series up from 9 chapters in, so I’m keeping the terms used.

      I appreciate any proofreading you feel like doing on the english portion, but unless you want on as a full time member of the team, I’ll go with what me and my new partner choose.

      You are the reason that the series was dropped by it’s first editor, so forgive my disrespect.

  3. OnTour says:

    Thank for your hardwork! it’s awesome :3

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s a bit silly to complain about the tonal shifts on the basis of violence being shown.
    Even the fluffy parts are packed to the brim with violence.
    Our first chapters feature her devouring the souls of the damned

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