BBP’s Consort: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Hua Qian Zi’s Fury

Wang fei was suppressing the poison for wang ye.” Leng Yan truthfully replied: “Lei bao zhu looked everywhere for famous doctors, but they were all helpless against the poison in wang ye‘s body.”

He didn’t know how to say the rest. That later they had already stopped hoping, allowing Su Qi Qi to give acupuncture was only with a ‘let’s just try’ attitude.

Giving a cold humph, Mo Wen Chen did not pick out the inner thoughts in Leng Yan’s words. He frowned: “Su Qi Qi, ben wang1 has unexpectedly belittled this woman.”

(1) 本王 – “ben wang” way for speaker to refer to themself in third person. Aka, something like ‘this king’ or ‘this imperial son’

Slightly bowing his head, Leng Yan did not reply.

That kind of reputationless girl, even though she didn’t appear special, she actually had such a talent.

“Investigate Su Qi Qi.” After a while Mo Wen Chen coldly comanded: “Don’t tell anyone that I’ve regained consciousness, observe and find out what this woman’s goal is.”

“Yes.” Leng Yan stood at the door again.

Hua Qian Zi furiously threw the porcelain vases in the room to the floor. It had already been half a month and she couldn’t even catch a glimpse of Mo Wen Chen’s face, of course she was angry.

Remembering Leng Yan’s attitude, she got angry to the point she could barely breath. Thinking back to how she had been at Mo Wen Chen’s side since she was little, originally she thought the wang fei position would definitely be hers, yet before her eyes an ugly girl actually got in the way, just recalling it made her furious.

She forcefully swung her sleeve in an arc, tightly clenching her fist: “Biao ge, even though you came back, you haven’t woken, so don’t blame biao mei2……”

(2) Biao ge = Cousin older brother, Biao mei = cousin younger sister

The night was chilly. After an episode of snowfall, the winter night was even colder.

Straightening the thin, unlined garment she wore, Su Qi Qi squeezed into the bed. During the day she would go to the main courtyard to give Mo Wen Chen acupuncture to detoxify his body, but come night, she still had to return to the Laundry Department and stay with these servants in the same residence.

The steward’s attitude towards her has slowly improved and he gave her an additional quilt, yet it was still too cold to fall asleep.

Lifting her eyes to gaze out the window, perhaps it was just her heart that wasn’t calm enough.

She was gambling, but had no idea of the outcome.

Could she really change her fortune?

Completely unable to fall asleep, she draped on a layer, got up, pushed open the door and walked out.

Looking at the clear and cold moonlight, seeing not many stars, it seemed just like the present her, lonely and cold.

Behind her a person’s shadow flitted past……

Su Qi Qi started. The next second, she was firmly restrained by two large men and was dragged to walk towards the deep forest.

There was no struggle. Su Qi Qi knew that struggling now was futile. Not to mention at the Laundry Department, this kind of remote area, crying and shouting wouldn’t have the least bit of use.

So she allowed the two men to take her deep into the forest. From her initial fear Su Qi Qi had slowly calmed down, she had vaguely guessed who it was. Only, she never thought this woman would start making things difficult for her again.

As expected, borrowing the dim moonlight, a slim delicate figure appeared in her line of sight.

Hua Qian Zi wore a black mink cloak, stood there with a pretty mien, looking straight at Su Qi Qi.

“Don’t blame me for being vicious and merciless, blame the great Yan Emperor appointing you as wang fei with his imperial decree. This wang fei position which I’ve longed for so many years, who would have thought it would be actually seized by an ugly woman like you.” Hua Qian Zi grinded her teeth as she spoke.

On most days, though Mo Wen Chen did dote on her, he also maintained an appropriate distance. If she approached him a little more, he’d immediate turn cold and brush her off.

After that speech she lifted her hand and slapped Su Qi Qi with her palm.

This one strike, though fierce, did not contain inner qi. It was evident that Hua Qian Zi still avoided causing trouble, after all, Mo Wen Chen was already back in Wang fu.

Even if he was unconscious, he could wake up at any time.

So, there was no swollen mark left upon Su Qi Qi’s face.

Turning her face to the side, Su Qi Qi bit her lip. All she could do right now was to swallow her anger, otherwise, it would only bring on an even more extreme beating.

At this very moment, she felt she made the right gamble. No matter how Mo Wen Chen treats her when he wakes up, at least, her position would be different from that of the past.

She bet her life to save him, for the sake of not wanting to suffer humilation anymore.

“Such an ugly face, I really have no idea how you could live until today. If I was you, I would have killed myself by jumping into the lake already.” Hua Qian Zi was angry inside so right now she was using Su Qi Qi as a punching bag to vent her emotions.

Whatever she was upset about she ranted out.

In the deep forest, a man wearing a length of black robe quietly stood on a branch. The corner of his mouth was slightly raised, his eyes narrowed slightly as watched this show in front of him.

But, he didn’t have any plans to interfere.

He just stood there, quietly watching, without a sound.


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