BBP’s Consort: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Whipped

Hua Qian Zi yelled for a long time before finally taking a deep breath, but still didn’t feel her anger dissipate so she abruptedly took out a whip from within her sleeve; it was the same whip she had used to beat Jing Man to death that day.

Seeing Hua Qian Zi’s movement, Su Qi Qi’s eyes also turned ice-cold.

Lifting her head, Su Qi Qi actually spoke with an aloof and remote attitude: “Cousin Miss, even if I did throw myself into the lake, wang ye still would not marry you and make you fei.”

She was truly furious.

Slightly raised forehead, a serene gaze, cheeks carrying the hint smile, there was actually a sort of feeling that made people admire from the bottom of their hearts. This temperament, this magnificence, afraid even the phoenix-clothed Empress could not even compare to.

At this moment Hua Qian Zi actually felt she was just an ordinary nu bi in comparison.

The two men faithfully kept a firm hold on Su Qi Qi, not allowing her to even move a single step.

The next moment, “PAH……” Hua Qian Zi’s whip had already viciously flew towards Su Qi Qi’s stomach, slashing apart the rough unlined garment. A blood-red mark appeared in front of Hua Qian Zi’s eyes, and the ripped fabric was forced into the blood and flesh.

Hua Qian Zi had martial arts with ample inner strength. Just one lash already drew blood and the injury reached the lungs. Su Qi Qi spat out a mouthful of blood, but she still did not move, just continued glaring at Hua Qian Zi.

Pain, like her chest was on fire. From the time she was little, even though she wasn’t treated preciously, she still had never suffered this kind of treatment. Some things had made her cry before, but right now, her pride made her silently grit it down.

“Pah pah pah…….” The sound of the whip continued without pause.

Su Qi Qi’s attiude made Hua Qian Zi’s anger, which had half disspated, flare up again. She flung the whip in her hand as if she had gone crazy. Just this average appearance, even though she did not receive people’s affections, this ugly girl dared to act this way towards her, of course Hua Qian Zi was angry.

Angry to the point that there was a burning sensation in the pit of her stomach.

But, though she was furious, her whip did not land a single blow on Su Qi Qi’s face. She was afraid that tomorrow morning Mo Wen Chen would regain consciousness.

Since the time when she was little, she had always been gentle and virtuous in front of Mo Wen Chen, like a dignified scholar.

Obviously she couldn’t let the man she loved learn about this sinister side of her.

More than ten whips fell on her body, each whip caused piercingly penetrating pain, but Su Qi Qi didn’t move, didn’t utter a sound and just like that forcefully pushed her pain down.

And finally Hua Qian Zi was tired. Disdainfully throwing down the whip in her hands, she said: “Su Qi Qi, sooner or later I will have you disappear from my life.”

A trace of blood hanging from the corner of her mouth, Su Qi Qi noted down this woman in front of her. She felt cold, and that this whole farce was beneath her.

“I feel you truly are pitiful.” The next instant, Su Qi Qi actually indifferently spat out these few words along with a mouthful of blood.

“You want to die!” Hua Qian Zi’s rage “whoosh”ed out, wanting only to throttle to death this woman who dared to act arrogant in front of her.

“Meow.” Just as Hua Qian Zi was about to kill the woman in front of her, that moment, the sound of a cat came from within the forest.

Hua Qian Zi, who originally already felt guilty as a thief, trembled, her ferociousness retreated as she looked towards where the sound came from, shouted in a low tone: “Who?”

The sound unconsciously came out several pitches higher and was actually a bit shaky.

But the forest was silent.

Snapping out of it, Hua Qian Zi was covered with cold sweat. This incident, even though it wasn’t accidently discovered by Mo Wen Chen, but if it was discovered by the people at his side it would still ruin her entire life’s work.

She doesn’t even have enough time to show off, how could she destroy her own image.

“Leave her, let’s go.” Hua Qian Zi was still scared by this one cry of a cat. Abandoning Su Qi Qi whose entire body was covered with injuries, she turned to leave.

Waiting until Hua Qian Zi vanished from her line of sight, then, like a ball leaking air, Su Qi Qi, guided by the tree behind her back, slowly sat down and painfully hissed.

This woman really is vicious and merciless, each whip caused damaged to Su Qi Qi’s lungs without exception.

The person on the tree still didn’t move, engrossed in watching Su Qi Qi who clenched her teeth, biting down her pain, and didn’t show any indication of intending to help.

Such heavy whip wounds. It was no longer possible for Su Qi Qi to pretend nothing happened and return, right now she didn’t even have the strength to walk.

She really regretted her decision to walk out here in the middle of the night, to have unexpected gotten so injured at this time. Tomorrow morning, she still had to continue giving Mo Wen Chen acupunture.

She was the same as the servants in Wang fu, she didn’t have any medicine for injuries on her. The wounds on her body were still bleeding profusely, the white garment already ripped beyond repair, and she urgently needed medical treatment.

But there was none.


Translator Notes:
I love how short and simple each chapter ends. Of course, sometimes the short and simple sentences in Chinese don’t turn out as similar in English. I do my best though. Did you guys enjoy? I loved this line: “Cousin Miss, even if I did throw myself into the lake, wang ye still would not marry you and make you fei.”



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