BBP’s Consort: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: What’s going on with Su Qi Qi?

Su Qi Qi quickly snapped out of it. Rising up from her chair she said: “I’ll have to trouble da ren to help sit wang ye up.”

As she spoke she took out an acupuncture needle from with her sleeve. This was originally for her to use protect her life, now it’s also her tool to change her fate.

In the beginning, she didn’t want to strive like the others. In Xiang fu, she allowed herself to be unremarkable, letting Su Meng Ru occupy the spotlight in every aspect.

Right now it was only because she had no other choice.

Thinking of her mother far away in the Imperial City, thinking of Jing Man’s death, Su Qi Qi knew that she could no longer endure like this.

Su Qi Qi knew that Leng Yan didn’t completely trust her, but also couldn’t find any reason to send him away.

First is to take Mo Wen Chen’s pulse, then to meticulously give acupuncture.

Precise medical expertise as she fearlessly gave acupuncture, wearing a coarse hemp garment, a delicate and pretty face with long hair that trailed over her shoulders and forehead glistening with faint beads of sweat. The current Su Qi Qi in Leng Yan’s eyes was actually had that kind of pure and holy elegance.

Those mediocre facial features also made people feel it was incomparably beautiful.

After an entire hour, Su Qi Qi finally retrieved the needle, carefully wiping it.

Looking at Mo Wen Chen who didn’t seem to show any improvement, she said: “Wang ye‘s poison is already deep, it has been delayed for several days. In order for him to regain consciousness it will take a few days. With just acupuncture I can only temporary suspend the spread of poison, in order to completely eradicate it, an antidote must be mixed.”

“How long will it take?” Leng Yan apparently saw a gleam of hope. Right now the Lei Clan Residence’s bao zhu1 was already out searching for the antidote, as long as wang ye‘s life can be stabilized for a brief time, he believed curing the poison would definitely not be a problem.

(1) 雷家堡 “Lei clan residence”Lei Jia Bao seems to be referring to the residence/castle of the Lei family. Bao zhu is the residence’s head of the family. In future he will be refered to as (雷堡主)Lei bao zhu.

“To suspend, need ten days.” Right now Su Qi Qi was just a healer, a healer who simply singlemindedly wanted to save someone.

“Alright, Wang Fei niang niang, Leng Yan will await your ten days.”

Every day she would give Mo Wen Chen acupuncture on schedule. These days, Su Qi Qi felt, was even more exhausting than being in the Laundry Department. But seeing Mo Wen Chen’s face color improve day after day, she felt a great sense of accomplishment.

By now she had already forgotten her original goal, only wanting with all her heart to save this person.

Leng Yan was still ice-cold everyday, as he helped Su Qi Qi to lift up Mo Wen Chen then helped to lie him down again.

As Mo Wen Chen’s face color slowly returned, the steward’s attitude towards Su Qi Qi gradually became better. Even though he was an old man that didn’t show either joy or anger on his face, but he was extremely benevolent.

Hua Qian Zi always wanted to see Mo Wen Chen, but was coldly blocked entry by Leng Yan.

Towards this Cousin Miss, he didn’t have the least interest.

Especially at this time, wang ye‘s condition can absolutely not be revealed to any more people.

And with regards to Su Qi Qi’s acupuncture treatment, only the steward and Leng Yan knew.

Even though Hua Qian Zi was Mo Wen Chen’s younger cousin, but her identity was extremely complicated. She was the daughter of the Bai Hua nation’s emperor. When she was little she was framed by a schemer. Her father had risked his life to bring her out of the palace and raised her among the commoners.

But her identity as the Bai Hua nation’s princess is an indisputable fact.

Each and every move, every word and action was quiet and tranquil. This Su Qi Qi made Leng Yan gradually change his opinion. This kind of woman ought to be a good match for wang ye.

It’s just that the occasion in which she married into Wang fu was wrong, her identity was wrong, that’s why she would be in this current situation.

The eighth day went by. Leng Yan went to the front to obstruct the ceaselessly noisy Hua Qian Zi. In the large room, there was only Su Qi Qi and Mo Wen Chen, and Mo Wen Chen’s eyes were tightly shut, his thin lips pursed.

Looking at this phoenix-like, dragon-like man, Su Qi Qi gave a sigh as she wiped her needle.

She knew she was getting a bit captivated, but had no way to stop herself.

If this man could be forever this harmless, how great would that be.

Like usual, after giving acupuncture, she turned to leave without any extra words. Su Qi Qi always gave people an inessential feeling.

Ordinary as water, water so clear you can see the bottom.

“Wang Fei niang niang.” Leng Yan was still as cold as before, giving a greeting before turning back to enter the room.

His duty was to guard Mo Wen Chen twenty-four seven, not taking even half a step away.

But once he walked in, he was stunned for a moment.

It was only the eighth day, yet his wang ye had actually already regained consciousness.

“Leng Yan, what’s going on with Su Qi Qi?” Although he woke up, he was a bit weak. Mo Wen Chen’s face color was gloomy and worn.

When Su Qi Qi was here earlier, he had already woken, but feigned unconsciousness.


Translator Notes:
So yah! He’s woken up! Good thing T/N are now on the bottom since I’ve just spoiled the entire climax of the chapter.

Also, you can leave comments anywhere now. I’ve somehow linked my wordpress to MBC so notifications show up, yay! To all of you readers and commenters, thank you! Especially the positive comments have motivated me a lot! But I’m glad for all the comments! Hope to see you guys around in the later chapters! (。≧◇≦)ノ



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