BBP’s Consort: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: I am his Wang Fei

For many days, the atmosphere in the Wang fu was heavy as rumors flew that wang ye‘s poison was incurable.

Today she begged the manager asking to see the steward.

Due to her identity as a wang fei, the manager didn’t dare to make things too difficult for her so she took her to see the steward.

After being married into the Wang fu for so long, it was still her first time meeting the steward. He had a tranquil temperament, neither servile nor overbearing, medium stature, very ordinary facial features, but a pair of eyes that was impossible to ignore.

“What is Wang Fei niang niang looking for this old nu1 for?” Unlike the other servants, the steward’s tone did not contain the slightest trace of sarcasm nor any trace of coldness or alienation.

(1) 老奴/old nu translates to old slave. It’s a way for servants to refer to themselves.

Su Qi Qi replied without hesitation: “I know medicine.”

“And so?” The steward’s voice still didn’t change much.

Truly, the kind of master makes the same kind of nu cai2.

(2)奴才 – “nu cai” means slave, but refers to servant. It is also a way for servants to refer themselves so I’ll be using nu cai and servant interchangably.

“I can temporarily stop the spread of poison in wang ye‘s body.” Su Qi Qi didn’t care about the skepticism of this person in front of her, she felt that she must make this move, she can no longer keep waiting.

“You?” The steward’s face exhibited no change, it was the eyes that were full of disbelief.

So many doctors had been unable to do anything, it was impossible for him to believe in an ordinary, unremarkable girl, not to mention this girl who had suddenly come to find him to say this. He felt it was quite suspicious.

“Don’t worry. He’s my husband, I am his wang fei.” Su Qi Qi understood what the steward had worries about, and gave a bitter laugh in her heart.

Although Mo Wen Chen did not treat her well, it wasn’t to the point that she hated him.

Much less to the point that she would plan to harm him.

A smudge of embarrassment flashed through the depths of the steward’s eyes. He hesitated briefly, before nodding: “Alright, wang fei, please wait a moment.”

Within minutes, the steward had left and returned again. Then he respectfully led Su Qi Qi to the Wang fu’s main courtyard, to the room where Mo Wen Chen was residing.

It was still that bridal chamber, only that all the red decorations had disappeared without a trace.

The layout of the room was very simple. Mo Wen Chen laid on the bed, his face pale without the least bit of color, his lips had already turned ashen. Seeing Su Qi Qi walk in, the imperial guard, Leng Yan, who was keeping watch in front of the bed turned towards the steward: “What is this woman doing here?”

Though only an imperial guard, his tone was ice-cold.

“Wang Fei niang niang knows medicine.” The steward’s expression was cautious, yet he spoke calmly.

“She……” Leng Yan did not look at Su Qi Qi, but gave a sneer. There was no one that didn’t know of Cheng Xiang fu‘s3 two daughters, one beautiful as a fairy with peerless talent, and one average in appearance and literature.

(3) fu can mean both the physical residence of the clan as well as the clan itself.

This kind of girl actually said she knew medicine, ridiculous.

Da ren4, if you delay wang ye‘s recovery, I wonder if you can bear full responsibility?” Su Qi Qi knew that this imperial bodyguard was watching out for Mo Wen Chen and was loyal to his duty.

(4) 大人 – “da ren” Sir/Madam. A suffix used for an official or a person in authority.

It was just that she only had one chance, one chance to change her fate.

Seeing the faint determination on Su Qi Qi’s delicate face, Leng Yan was stunned for a moment.

Now, even the people outside all knew that Bei Ding Hou Wang was heavily poisoned and had been ill for quite a while. If there’s still no news of wang ye regaining consciousness, there will definitely be people in the Imperial City making moves.

Mo Wen Chen defended the entire nation of Yan and was the guardian saint of the Yan people.

Of course, the new king bi xia5 refuses to acknowledge this fact.

(5) 陛下 – “bi xia” means your majesty. Used by officials when they address the emperor directly. Like saying his majesty the king.

“Alright, if Wang Fei niang niang can cure wang ye, it will be discussed after you finish, if you cannot……” Leng Yan, like his name, was cold, spoke to some degree, but carried a heavy threatening aura.

Hearing this, Su Qi Qi’s complexion did not change. She understood, she herself had considered it for a long time before finally deciding to come here and save him.

She felt a bit bitter. ‘It will be discussed after you finish’, looks like her future fate will still be as difficult to determine as before.

She took a deep breath: “I understand.”

It counted as a reply to Leng Yan.

Looking on the bed at Mo Wen Chen who, though obviously unconscious but still somehow giving off a domineering aura as before, Su Qi Qi was dazed for a moment. This man, even though the tiger was thrown out of Ping Yan6 , he still gave off an aura that warned against underestimating him.

(6)虎落平阳 – “tiger thrown out of Ping Yan” is a saying. I’ve understood to the point that a tiger symbolizes a dignified and strong creature. Ping Yan is, according to baidu, a bright and ‘level’ place. The tiger leaves the deep mountains and fell to the ‘level’ ground to suffer. Symbolizes losing power.

It was this kind of man that became her husband, but so what. It was a husband that saw her as his personal enemy.

Looking at the dazed Su Qi Qi, Leng Yan’s complexion deepened somewhat: “Wang Fei niang niang.”

The steward had already tactfully left.


Translator Notes:
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P.S. I’ve changed ‘residence’ to Chinese pinyin ‘fu’ and will mostly be using ‘fu’ in the future.



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