Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 143

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Zhao Yunqian-> Zhao Yunxi (it turns out qian is actually xi in transliteration of names)

Chapter 143

Baili Hongzhuang’s movements were like thunder, each strike with unparalleled speed.

The hell wolves fell one after another, powerless. Her jade like face was stained with blood.

The dark red blood contrasted against her pure white skin, giving a her an indescribable allure.

“This…… how is this possible?”

“Baili Hongzhuang’s trash, right? How could she kill so many hell wolves?”

“You’re trash! At the very minimum, Baili Hongzhuang should at least be mysterious eon early stage!”

Everybody gulped. None of them ever thought Baili Hongzhuang was actually so powerful.

If they were surrounded by so many hell wolves, they’d be long dead. What was especially scary was how Baili Hongzhuang’s face was calm and indifferent the entire time.

The people who had originally called Baili Hongzhuang trash felt their cheeks turn hot. If Baili Hongzhuang was trash, what were they?

Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi looked at each other. Sure enough, what they thought was correct. Baili Hongzhuang’s strength was truly incredible.

“I wonder how many people would be shocked by this.” Shao Zifan sighed with emotion, “Yunxi, I want to help.”

Earlier, Baili Hongzhuang had helped them in their time of need. Now that Baili Hongzhuang was in danger, he couldn’t just watch without raising a finger.

After being attacked by the flame civets last night, he had finally broken through to mysterious earth late stage.

Even though he knew his help wouldn’t do much, he still wanted to go assist her. Only then can his conscience be clear.

Hearing Shao Zifan’s words, Zhao Yunxi’s eyes widened, “Shao Zifan, are you joking? Even if you broke through to late stage, going out to face that pack of hell wolves is the same as courting death!

But Shao Zifan’s attitude remained firm, “I already decided. Whatever the result is, I’ll bear it myself.”

Finished speaking, Shao Zifan no longer stayed, immediately heading towards Baili Hongzhuang’s direction.

Zhao Yunxi quickly pulled Shao Zifan’s sleeve, “Are you crazy?”

Shao Zifan pursed his lips into a thin smile, “When am I ever crazy.”

Moving his sleeve away, Shao Zifan firmly walked towards the hell wolves.

Zhao Yunxi stared blankly at his back. Watching Shao Zifan’s figure slowly fade away, she muttered, “Lunatic!”

As hell wolves were killed one after another, Baili Hongzhuang slowly grew tired.

She already tried her best to waste as little energy as possible, but each hell wolf had enormous strength. Every time she killed one, a enormous amount of energy had to be used.

“This isn’t a good method.” Baili Hongzhuang frowned slightly. Her eyes flashed as she thought.

Suddenly, a figure slowly made its away in front of her. Seeing its appearance, Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

“Shao Zifan?”

His clear, handsome face revealed a gentle smile as he plunged into the battle with no hesitation. His voice was soft as he spoke, “I came to help you.”

Waves appeared in her calm, black pupils. She never expected that Shao Zifan would suddenly come to her aid..

Baili Hongzhuang was a little touched.

It wasn’t her intention to help Shao Zifan last night, but now he’s here risking his life for her.

Just by this fact alone, Shao Zifan became her friend!

“Be careful!” Baili Hongzhuang’s voice dropped slightly. Although she knew Shao Zifan had broken through to late stage, it was still dangerous for him to face the hell wolves.

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    • Kiki says:

      yeah… though to be fair, one hell wolf is late staged cultivation. There’s almost no cultivators that are that rank, so charging into a mass of them is bascially a death wish

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    thank you for the chapter

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