Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 41

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The Uncle and the Pitch Black Tracker (part 5)

“Dammit! You bastards!!”

I couldn’t see his enraged figure at all. He had completely disappeared from my field of view, nothing was left.

I still was trying to ward off his fists desperately, but this was my limit.

My eyelids were heavy. If they closed, I’m afraid I would not wake up again.

My oral cavity was filled with a sweet and salty taste, it wasn’t just pure blood taste. I felt like the gas I was breathing in was burning hot.

I couldn’t even give him a fatal wound, and I had reached my limits. So losing was just a matter of time.

But I needed to hold on.

Sounds of footsteps approached me.

I opened my mouth, but sounds wouldn’t come out.

This body did not belong to me any longer. It relied on his original accumulated experience of countless battles to fight independently. I had no way of interfering with it. RIght now, I was only a tool of battle.

But there was only one thing, only one thing I had to shout no matter what.

I tried my hardest to transmit my will.

Please, please, I beg you my throat.

May your voice come out, I beg you!!

“He’a, he’a.”

The only thing that came out in response was the sound of my rough breathing.

That man’s attack style did not have a fixed pattern. It was pure oppression. Using pure speed and strength, I had no way of predicting what he was doing. Gradually, the holes in my defense appeared as he continued to attack.

Gradually, this body reached its critical point.

Although I didn’t feel the pain, the wounds couldn’t just be wiped away. My movements slowed down terribly.

Even if I used hatred and bitterness to fuel my body, there was a limit.

Soon, that limit would not be enough for that man.

But for now, I cannot fall.

“Hu’a, sisi.”

My voice sounded like it was leaking air. I couldn’t say anything.

I had drawn my sword of LIttle Elan, so no matter what, I needed to protect her. Jinwen had already called to Little Hairball, and Mademoiselle Specter could not be touched, but she could lead the way.

Right now, I needed to send a signal to Little Hairball who didn’t know the way.

I need to say something.

This is my battle, me and this body’s battle.

Every time my eyes moved to see Little Elan trembling on the ground, my anger incessantly poured out. One year before, she had jumped into my arms while crying, rubbing my whole body with blood. At that time, I had sworn to protect her. Since then, I had always repated constantly that I will be by your side Little Elan, I definitely won’t make you cry.

Because a crying face does not suit you one bit.

Not at all.

Carolina too. Suddenly calling me master. I said that I would teach you battle experience. I said you would be safe while you ahd a master. I taught you about the dangers of the outside world, but I didn’t have time to teach how you to respond to them. It seems that I have broken this promise.

Even so, you still haven’t complained about me, supporting this fight to the final moment.

Little Hairball is goodMadmoiselle Specter is goodJinwen is good. But I have no way of protecting anything.

Sorry, I can no longer stay by your side.

If I could, I would wish for nothing else. Since I had come to this world and had found something I could do, I believed that I wouldn’t lose the things around me again.


“Little Hairball——”

I was crying as I shouted out.

It truly is shameful. A twenty-six year old person crying in this situation.

“Take Little Elan and Carolina and run!!!”

Using all of my string to cry out, I revealed a gap and I was sent flying.

I did not feel anything. My surroundings had all gone black

Had my eyes gone bad? Ma, ruined is ruined.

I could sense that the rubble and the ruined wall next to me.

I didn’t know how much magic I had left. I let go of all my breath.

“He ge——”

Damn thing, take me far away from them!!

My body, which had bent sent flying was in an instant returned next to the man. Even if I couldn’t see anything I still cut down.

The sounds of footsteps moved farther and farther away.

“You bastard!! Hero impersonator, you will die like Leon!!”

A fist came flying at me. I had no time to dodge. My entire left arm was destroyed. It swung back and forth from my shoulder uselessly.

Ah, so I will die here.

But it’s not a problem. I am a weapons shop uncle. Even passerbys will come to death.

I am but a tiny heretic who is going to be purged by a hero from the Expedition Regiment.

No, I am a powerless soul reincarnated into someone else’s body, not even a real citizen of this world.

Thus, my death in this world can be said to be meaningless. No one will remember me, no one will care.

Even if it was like that, I needed to——


My final slash, the angle and timing were not too bad.

If my final attack were abnormal, I would be very sad.

Then, with a cracking sound, my sword shattered.

The back of my head received a strong attack, and my body powerlessly lay paralyzed on the ground. My head was pressed heavily against the ground, and my nasal cavities were filled with blood.

He slowly picked up my broken sword and used the pointed, jagged break to point at my neck.

You beat me, you bastard tracker.

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  1. truepurple says:

    “always repated constantly”

    “you ahd a master”

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    “Little Hairball is goodMadmoiselle Specter is goodJinwen is good.”

    Severe lack of punctuation. Should be spaces and periods or commas.

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    This bastard tracker is at xiantian level, you cant beat him. At the start i thought this was a jp novel where mc was sent to fantasy world by truck, then it gradually turn into chinese novel. Maybe now the cultivation levels will be revealed.

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