Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 40

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The Uncle and the Pitch Black Tracker (part 4)

Zhuang Zi said that life, when between heaven and earth, needs a foundation. It’s hard for it to remain detached.

Maybe life begins by undergoing worries and hardships. No matter if they are big or small, unavoidably, people must be able bear many things. And as they sweat profusely, they will toil hard.

I am Zhai He: Zhai He who opened a weapon shop.

No matter who is blocking my way, I will not give in.

Like just now, I decided on my own to cross over ghost of the hero, Leon, and chose to move forward.

And so, my vision had become clearer.

“Tsk, who are you really? Leon, or someone else? You’re really so unreasonable. Inspection Official, kill that demon! Isn’t that your duty?”

Right now, I couldn’t control my body to respond. My brain and body’s connection had been severed.

When my body received the attack, my pain center did not react.

For that same reason, when my brain wants to operate my body, my body doesn’t respond in the slightest.

Thus, I was only a bystander. I probably couldn’t even be said to be an audience member, because I could not move my gaze to Carolina.

But I felt what Carolina was doing.

She raised up her pure white and silver sword, filled with the might of the God of Holy Light,

Later, I will kill her.

This body that could not be controlled, will kill her before her sword falls.

Because the only reason I drew my sword was Little Elan.

This was the first time I had felt such a deep despair that I was unable to see the bottom. This wasn’t a despair because I saw the difference in strength when I met that man in battle, but a despair that was because I really wasn’t able to do anything. I couldn’t protect anything, because this destruction came about from my own hands.

That man stopped. He struck a pose and wore a sneer on his face.

That extremely crushing pressure lessened slightly, and my eyeballs could turn slightly.

That man wanted me to watch the scene where Carolina killed Little Elan, where Little Elan was killed by a companion.

What I was worried about was that I would kill Carolina.

Carolina fiercely bit her bottom lip. The rims of her eyes were red.

But she still raised the sword.


Losing all of her will to escape, Little Elan powerlessly looked at Carolina, softly calling out her name.

My body had already become taut. When Carolina swung her sword, everything would become irreversible.

I watched Carolina attentively as she raised her sword, but she had returned to the icy cold persona from the first time we met.

“Demons, I cannot forgive you.”

The silver sword trembled slightly, but Carolina’s dark green eyes were full with resolve.

This expression made me feel very sad. No matter what beautiful memories we made, the deep-rooted system of beliefs were still in place. Carolina was good, Jinwen was good, but their actions were chained down by the invisible fetters of this world.

As for me, I was spurred into motion by outside forces.

In the end, we have no freedom.

If I could control my own body, I would definitely be showing a very bitter expression.

“Almighty God of Holy Light, bestow your follower with the light that illuminates all darkness.”

The familiar white light gradually burst out from inside the sword.

I gripped the sword in my hand. My body was already taut like the bowstring of a bow and arrow.

I tried my hardest to make myself look away from Carolina. I suddenly felt that my body was being catapulted like a bullet.

With a clang, the sword in my hands crashed into that man’s magic armor.

Was it blocked?!!

That’s not right.

That man’s expression changed slightly.

Bitterness and anger met, but it didn’t succeed in blocking my sneer.

Not bad.

It’s not like that!!!

“Inspection Official was also sheltering on a demon?! You’re both traitors to the human race, followers of that bastard Leon!!”

Carolina’s sword ran through that man’s abdomen. The sword point was ripping with scarlet blood.

“The demons must be purged. But Little Elan isn’t a bad person!! I believe in Master’s decision!”

Carolina had used all of her magic in one go, finally creating a wound in the pitch black man.

Those dark green eyes were full of determination.

Carolina pulled out the silver-white sword and received that man’s anger-filled punch. Her body was immediately sent flying. She crashed into the wall and was knocked out.

Up until until the last moment, she did not have any regrets.

In the world in my mind that was full of swords and corpses, Leon’s shadow was still really close to me.

But I was not afraid anymore.

No matter what I become, Carolina had shown me a possibility.

Humans are able to surpass all boundaries and conventional logic.

Just as Gidé writes in Straight is the Gate:

Those who seriously pursue the true eternal glory, must abandon worldly glory.

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