Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 39

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The Uncle and the Pitch Black Tracker (part 3)

“Not bad, not bad!! You’re much stronger than Leon. Now there’s some worth in killing you!!”

I brandished my sword at him but was deflected by a fist.

Even with my speed at a higher tier, I cannot afford to give the enemy even the slightest of gaps.

I used the remnants of the scattered magic in the vicinity as a tentacle, strengthening my awareness.

It seemed like I was full of magic once again, since the original consumption of excessive magic. My body also couldn’t feel any of my pains.

The left arm that was almost destroyed by the attack also could now move freely, and all pain had disappeared.

A fist was incoming from the left side.

Without the slightest hesitation, I used my sword to chop head-on at his forearm, it was like hitting metal.

The part between my index finger and thumb trembled, but I didn’t feel any pain.

The black magic wrapped around his arm receded, opening a gap, but I had no way of matching his speed and recovery powers.

But his fist also lost its direction and couldn’t hit me.

I couldn’t even spare a moment to breathe. There was only one sword, but he had two fists.

When his left fist was attacking, I immediately used the outputted magic and condensed it my left hand to defend.

With a clanging sound, both parties were sent flying. But I flew farther.

I used my sword to scratch the ground and slow down and immediately launched my second attack. I didn’t have the opportunity to breathe, but neither did he.




Right now, I couldn’t see his fists. It wasn’t even his fists, I couldn’t even see his figure.

My brain could not hear any commands. Even if I saw him, I couldn’t respond to him. My mind was muddled, and my eyelids were becoming heavy. It wasn’t the same feeling as the time when I was filled with unadulterated hatred, but I felt like my entire existence had become fuzzy.

Myself, denying myself. Myself approving of myself. While contradicting myself, I dithered back and forth in my world.

Every time I swung my sword, I felt like I was disappearing bit by bit.

But it wasn’t enough.

I couldn’t beat my opponent with this level of strength. Only cutting into his defenses didn’t have any use.

“From your expression, it seems that even in death you want to protect that demon?”

There was nothing.

It seemed like my whole body was wrapped in a putrid smelling sludge. The darkness entered my nose and oral cavity, even making breathing difficult.


It was like heavily scratched DVD had made the DVD player make titching sounds, lit up, and the image started to flash.

The voice that had always been sweet, was plagued by a strange bloody smell. And following that, the light flashed, and the sweet smell suddenly turned into the stench of a fish that had been exposed to sunlight.

A feeling of wanting to vomit burst forth.

Soon I wouldn’t be able to resist.

A ringing sound started and didn’t stop.

Was it tinnitus?

Although I had already almost lost all sensation, I could still strongly sense my body’s internal organs but I didn’t know where they had been damaged.


Until when can this body hold on?

The scene before me became clearer, but there was a dark sky deeply buried in the corner of my vision.

I didn’t see what I expected……..

Swords were embedded densely in the surrounding earth. A cold wind swirled in the air. The swords were dyed dark red by frozen blood. Between heaven and earth, countless voices crying out came from a very far place, yet they were incomparably clear. But when I listened carefully all of the voices disappeared, leaving only the ringing sound and the sound of something crumbling.

This is your fear?

No, this is——my fear.

Standing atop a mound of swords is your fear.

And curling up under the black night, burying my face into my knees while crying softly, that’s my fear.

I am afraid of you, afraid that one day, you will appear next to me.

It wasn’t that person I was currently fighting in reality.

I’m talking about you.

You, who is always hiding somewhere in this body, waiting for an opportunity to gobble me up.

Our fears have woven together, mutually assimilating eacher. Then isn’t this the moment that you’ve been waiting for?

Not recognizing that is very normal. Probably you didn’t even do it deliberately.

But my existence was gradually disappearing.

Could it be that that’s not it?

Tell me, what am I turning into? Will I disappear?

Answer me!

Hero Leon!!

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