Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 38

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The Uncle and the Pitch Black Tracker (part 2)

Little Elan tried her hardest to hold on to her hat as she fearfully looked at the man.

“Inspection Official? Did you not see that this little girl is a demon?”

While I was unable to respond, he plucked off Little Elan’s hat.

Although Little Elan hurriedly covered her little horns, Carolina still saw them.

“Based on your expression, this is the first time you’ve realized it? You should be ashamed to be an inspection official with this level of skill.”

He turned his face in my direction.

“Hero impersonator, why did you shelter the demon?”

“Whether it be a demon race or a human, I will protect the things I want to protect. That is all.”

The sounds of explosion had sent all the nearby people to take refuge. Thus, I was isolated and without help right now. That’s also good, so I don’t have to worry about too many other people knowing about Little Elan’s identity.

“Liars. Little Elan, you are a demon……”

Carolina knelt to the ground, tightly gripping her head.

Little Elan’s eyes filled with tears.

“Hero impersonator, did you know?”

When waiting for my response, the man came within reach.

“Your answer was exactly the same as Leon’s!!”

An anger-filled punch came at me. I barely managed to condense magic to defend against it, and still my body was sent flying again. This time, I didn’t have the time to condense magic at my back, thus when I slammed against the wall I felt my backbone nearly break. Mouthful after mouthful of blood came bubbling out nonstop. I was choking on my own blood, unable to stop coughing.


Is there nothing I can do?

Even my vision had turned fuzzy.

Of course, it’s not like I can’t do anything.

I still wore that black taichi on my waist.

But it’s no good. Ever since I cut off Bayerman’s two arms, I had resolved not to use that sword ever again.

“Leon, that bastard, also said that he would protect both demons and humans, so our Expedition Regiment had to kill him! I didn’t think that you would even have the same thoughts. What do you guys thinking you’re doing!!?”

I open my mouth wide as I gasped for breath. My brain was already unable to keep up with what was happening.

I could only feel that my existence was becoming more and more fuzzy.

“The demon race have committed those things against humans. Have you forgotten!?”

He grabbed Little Elan’s hair, and Little Elan was crying while waving her fists. But she couldn’t hurt him in the slightest.

“Those humans also did those things.”

I didn’t know what I had just said. I didn’t know what I could do.

I wanted to climb to my feet, but my body would not listen to my commands.

My shirt was covered in blood, my pants as well. The blood left behind moist spots of blood. This was my limit.

But just I was losing my determination, I saw that giant fire. Countless people were in the fire, struggling.

“Punishing crimes? Defeating the demon king? Obtaining peace? Don’t joke, those are just the excuses of humans. Construing things to suppress those deemed as evildoers, didn’t the humans do that?”

Elan was good, Baro was good, Jinwen was good.

Why would these things happen to the demon race? Doesn’t the demon race also have the right to live?

“That kind of justice was never justice. It was just atrocity.”

“You who doesn’t understand anything doesn’t have the qualifications to talk!”

He pinched LIttle Elan’s neck, raising her high.

“He ge……”

Little Elan’s two hands futilely gribbed at his right arm, using the last vestiges of her strength to look at me.


I really am a useless person.

I clearly knew that I couldn’t touch him, but right now, I didn’t have any other path to take.

The black sword made a qiang sound as it came in contact with his arm. Although it was blocked, I could sense that it had cut into part of his defense.

“How interesting! This is just like Leon!”

The man threw Little Elan away and then turned his body and focused all of his strength on me.

When I gripped the sword, the memories of that world and this world’s memories blended together.

I had a splitting a headache, like something was bursting out from my body.

My mouth was wide opened as I gasped for air, but my fatigue was catching up. But that man did not attack.

Even if he did attack now, I could defend against him.

I didn’t know what kind of feelings this was. It was pure confidence in the reactions of my body.

As I became angrier, I became colder. Eventually, I smiled.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I holding in my hand?

Who am I fighting with right now?

How do I achieve victory?

What are the things that I have to protect?

Why am I in this world?

What did I experience in this world?

Whatever I experienced, it’s all fine.

Get away from Little Elan.

Without my permission, you are not allowed to touch her!!!

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