Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 32

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The Uncle and the 10 cm Tall Beast Boy

We arrived at the inn and stopped the horse cart in the back. The two horses were put up in the stables to rest.

No doubt this was a horse cart was selected by Yazi. The two horses not only had great endurance, but they were also extremely docile. Right now, I recalled, that even when the wolf pack had surrounded us and attacked from the thicket, the two horses did not give any indication of being startled.

Because I cared more about daytime matters, I let Little Elan and the others go ahead and check in for a room.

After I got down from the cart, I hid from the side while peeping into the cart.

Although this was just my conjecture, I think a rat went into our cart.

Though I could sift through the vegetables and fruits to search for it, based on my knowledge of the structure of the vegetable pile, it was generally quite stable. The balance could be disrupted if I looked through it, and I didn’t want that.

Therefore, I planned to wait for the little rat to come out and then suddenly attack and catch it.

Rats were the biggest bane of travelling. If I don’t catch it, our supplies would definitely be gnawed on till it was riddled with holes.

Thirty minutes passed, and finally, one side of the scattered pile of hay moved. So it was like this, rather than hide in the vegetable pile, where it would be easier to discover, it chose to hide in our rarely used hay? This was really a smart strategy.

But don’t think that hiding like this can let you escape from my, the uncle’s, eyes!

When that little rat was just digging through the topmost layer of hay and poked out its head, I acted in a sudden attack. I captured him in my hand.

Hahahahaha, wahahaha!

No matter of it’s a little mouse, don’t think you can escape from my palm. How could I let you stay in my cart? My trip doesn’t need a little rat——

Afterwards, I opened my hands.

That’s strange. Why was this rat wearing clothes?

Next, when this so called rat turned its body, it bared its teeth white glaring at me.

It was a boy, no taller than ten centimeters. He did not even take up my entire palm, and his body was extremely light. Fair skin, golden cropped hair, amber eyes. There were two ears standing on his head. The ear shape suggested dog ears. He was wearing thin, hole-ridden clothes.

In my hand, he was shivering from cold, but he was still making a fiendish expression.

Say, when you’re this big, no matter how much you try you can’t make me feel frightened.

I used my palm to support this strange life form. While breathing into his tiny hands, he spoke boastfully:

“Hmph. I didn’t think I’d be discovered by a human. Quickly give me something to eat.”

I used my left finger to poke him. He immediately clapped my index finger between his two tiny hands. His strength was so little I couldn’t even imagine how it would feel, so I felt a little dazed.

“Hmph, hmph. I didn’t think that you wouldn’t release bendaye[1].

Retract your finger and listen to bendaye like a good kid!”

I immediately retracted my finger. Although he tried his hardest, in the end he could only fall on his back.

“I-I’m angry at you!”

After making this direction, he bared his tiny teeth.

After dithering in a circle in my palm, he chose to descend down on the webbing between my thumb and index finger. I really could not fathom his thought process. I only had to squeeze lightly and his mouth was immediately stopped, almost within reach of the webbing between my thumb and index finger. If he wanted to bite he couldn’t. Thus, he began to use his tiny fists and legs to hit me, abandoning himself to despair, but it didn’t hurt or tickle.

After he was slowing down, I released my fingers. Tiredly, he laid in my palm to rest.

“Hu, heng. I didn’t think that you would be this strong.”

Although up until now I have always thought that I was strong, being praised because of this level of strength didn’t make me happy.

“I don’t want to eat anything, so just let me go! If you don’t, I will have to show my true strength.”

“Just wait a moment.”

I pulled back his clothes and saw a collar around his neck.

“What are you really?”

“I d-don’t have to tell you! You strange masked person!”

He scowled at me, and I immediately flicked his forehead.

“That hurts. Dammit, such an abnormal strength. Are you from the Expedition Forces?”

I used a finger to lightly poke his ears. His ears immediately flapped back and forth for a little while.

“Don’t touch my ears!”

He used his fists as he protested weakly.

I set him down in the cart, in passing grabbing an apple and putting it next to him.

“Are you not hungry?”

He sniffed the apple, and then turned to me:

“Hmph. Bendaye eats meat.”

Although he said those kind of words, he had turned his eyes and was already pouncing on and nibbling at the apple.

“Say, what’s your name?”

Wang[2]? wuen, guud. My name is, kachikachi, gudu, Jinwen.”

“I am Zhai He, a weapon shop uncle.”

Jinwen was not taller than the apple, so while gnawing at he had to crawl on top of hit.

I used my hand to push his head.

“I’m telling you, don’t secretly run off, got it?”

“How could bendaye think of secretly running off.”

Although he was reluctant to admit that he was thinking of it, he hid behind the apple.

“So you are a……you are not an ordinary citizen?”

Jinwen’s tiny body curled up, like a hamster.

“They wanted to sell me. I escaped. I have been gnawing on the cage since long ago. Today I finally had the opportunity to escape.”

“So it was like that, huh.”

Bendaye is a tiny people race and beast race hybrid. Hmph, hmph, are you scared, human?!”

He spoke while arrogantly puffing out his chest, extending his nose.

“Never mind that. I just want to say that you can come with us.”

I said. I pinched his clothes and lifted him up. I settled him on my shoulder.

I planned to go in to show him to Little Elan and the others to see and then discuss about what to do later.

1 Think of an “oresama” way to refer to yourself. If you know what I mean. He’s such an arrogant sweetheart >.<

2 Wang is the Chinese sound for a dog’s bark. So it’s super cute when he adds it in at the end of the sentence. Huwang, hewang are also dog barking sounds.

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