Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 26

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The Uncle and the Noble Ludao

I returned to the inn and told the happening of the days to everyone.

“I, I get it! Master is planning to sneak into enemy camp and then defeat them from the inside!”

From the results of today, you might think that this is how it is. But I wanted to ask about another matter.

I brought out the necklace and put it on the bed.

“Mademoiselle Phantom, that person named Shanzhu. Have you seen him before?”

Mademoiselle Phantom kept quiet for a long time before she said:

“I have. When I was killed, he was still Bayerman’s personal bodyguard.”

I felt very scared at this moment. After hearing this news, it became inconceivably cold.

Even if I was still smiling.

“I got it. Mademoiselle Phantom will stay here. Next, I will go alone to deal with some things.”

“He, He ge is all right?”

Little Elan looked at me, worried.

I rubbed Little Elan’s hair.

“I’m fine. I just have complete what my ‘superiors’ assigned me to do.”

Not a bad night.

I looked at the moon, cracking my joints. My body feels pretty stiff. In ten to twenty years, I might not be able to fight. But I can still fight right now, I just need to adjust my posture.

I took in a deep breath of the night air.

Wails, curses, and the sounds of people getting beaten up, interwove into a bitter sound. Blood, flame, and sword met up in a crazy mix.

I passed through the clamor of the entire city, the smile on my face getting more and more obvious.

I arrived at the gates of the outer courtyard of the mansion. The surroundings were illuminated by the flame, as bright as daytime. Two high-level night watch guards stood at the front of the entrance, hanging up lanterns. The perimeter wall was high, and could not obstruct the view of the extravagant party. Sounds of drinking cups breaking after thrown, the sounds of singing and dancing, the higher voices of women, all of it floated up into the outside, the dark, desolate world.

I put Shanzhu’s identity plate on my breast, in an obvious place, and slung the bag onto my back.

Collecting a bag of coins is too shabby.

Shanzhu, old sport, this time I will definitely make you satisfied.

With no difficulty, I knocked out the two night guards. I kicked open the main doors, which were carved with dragons and phoenixes.

In order to complete my task, Master Ludao Barker, please donate a bag of silver coins to me.

Going in to take a look, I saw that the inside was very luxurious.

There was an outdoor bar, sexy ladies wearing revealing clothes, beer-bellied uncles making toasts at this carousing.

As well as one wet-blanket weapon shop uncle.

“Listen to me all of you and his mother!! I am the underling of one of the great four top brass, Shanzhu. You’re a disgusting group of bastards. Don’t you dare move at all!! And give me all of your money that you have on you. If not, you seek death!!”

I stamped my foot hard and yelled at that group of animals dressed as people.

Everyone’s sight gathered at the nameplate on my chest.

At this time, a thin, shrewd butler came from inside.

“Everything’s fine! Everything’s fine! Please sit down, and enjoy your drinks peacefully!”

After he arrived in front of me, he said calmly:

“Look at yourself, talking like this. Didn’t we sign an agreement? We clearly stipulated you bandits get your cut. You are a newbie, so perhaps that’s why you’ve gone to the wrong place? Quickly get out, before Lord Ludao gets angry……”

Aaaaaa, good good good, you’ve already laid yourself down at the edge of the cliff.

I backhand punched him in the face. Sir butler immediately flew onto the ground, unconscious.

“I don’t feel like listening to your rubbish! Where’s that idiot dog, Ludao? Make him come out! There’s not a even an iron coin to be found in the entire town, but you’re so brightly lit up. Lemme speak to you straight, Big Bro Bayerman has been suspicious that Ludao, you were embezzling the money that’s supposed to be paid to us! Today, Big Bro Shanzhu specially entrusted me to collect the money that you owe us!”


Just as I finished speaking, a fatass slapped the table fiercely.

Oh, so this was the head of the Barkers? He doesn’t look like a good person at all. From face to body, he was covered in layer upon layer of fat. Before he got angry, he was embracing many outstanding beauties on his left. Once he got angry, he immediately pushed away all the people, sweeping all the dishes on the table onto the floor.

“So it seems like your Shanzhu has some guts, your Bayerman has guts! Guards, get in formation. First, kill this unexpected guest, then later go find Bayerman and settle the accounts! A group of idiot bandits, they don’t revere me as their king, me, Ludao. Their bullshit cannot stay!”

A group of trained and disciplined private soldiers immediately flooded out.

They came in rows, bearing spears.

After all this time, they still couldn’t attack in a group. Ludao, the soldiers you raised are just a song and dance troupe.

With their skill, I could’ve killed Ludao twice already, but that’s no good. He still has a use after all.

I merely pinched his neck and cast him on the ground.

So thick…..

Everyone around us was so shocked, they forgot how to turn pale.

Whether you have three hundred people or thousand people, both are fine. Arranged in these formations with so big of gaps, nothing is protected well.

I have no interest in killing him, so I just threw him onto the ground.

With that thick of fat, he probably won’t sustain any damage.

“Remember my words! You grey-bearded old bastards, are you only able to play with women? Ai, you are on the level of a newborn child. Besides that, you are just lumps of fat. Our Big Bro Bayerman will break down your house, sooner or later, and cut your flesh into pieces to sell!”

According to the story, the eunuch Liu Jin’s meat sold for quite a bit, when he was killed by death of a thousand cuts.

It’s time for me to quit while I’m ahead. As soon as I finished speaking, I scuttled out of Barker’s mansion. I hid in the undergrowth outside to eavesdrop.

“Wait there!! You want me to die? This boss will crush his head!! Go back and tell your Bayerman, cough cough, that he’s waiting death! Don’t you know how great I am, and you still dare to send an assassin after me? Die!! I will kill you so bad!!”

“Fa-father calm down!”

“Calm down? Do you want to help that group of bandits to talk? Die! Guards, I order you to kill him!”

A piercing shriek came from the inside of the house.

I flew through the streets of the small town, and before long, I arrived in front of Shanzhu.

“Big Bro Shanzhu!”

I was gasping for breath as I spoke.

“Good news!”

Shanzhu stroked his “八” shaped mustached and looked at me.

“What is it?”

“Big Bro, an extremely rare opportunity to get rid of Bayerman has arrived! When I was collecting money, I heard shouts from Ludao’s house. Saying he tore up the agreement, and was going to bring soldiers to suppress Bayerman! Then we…..”


Shanzhu swivelled his eyes:

“Stay here and be on call. I will immediately go and report this to Bayerman. If I succeed, then I will receive my just rewards!”

Good good, getting rewarded according to the degree of success.

If we base it on how successful we were, I will be awarded with your head.

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