Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 27

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The Uncle and the Bandits (part 4)

It’s not like I have an abnormal hobby or anything, but the drama before me was really too fun.

Unable to restrain my emotions, I set out a wooden stool, took out some snacks, and crouched in the nearby undergrowth, looking outwards.

I plan to go and see the taichi that the Hero Academy’s principal has. If I could, I would not hope to use it.

“Bayerman, come and fight!! You smashed up my place, yet you still look like you want to talk?”

“Brother Ludao, that’s where you’re wrong. We already have a prior agreement——”

“Nonsense! You invited your underling to destroy my home, and he nearly choked me to death! You said you wanted to tear down my house and slice me like meat!! Today I will make you see that I, the head of the Barker family, am not to be trifled with!”

“Brother Ludao, cool your jets. You don’t really believe that with that many people, you can deal with me, do you? We should chat first.”

“What’s there to talk about! Kill them all!! Don’t even let one remain!!”

Bayerman was the commander of the bandits, he wouldn’t have limitless lenience.

“…..Who the fuck is scared of you, you fatass pig!! When I kill you, the whole town will be mine, your father’s! Shanzhu, Mark, Dove, Kaqi! Come to me! Bring me their heads and be rewarded!!”

Four people, upon hearing his command, immediately commanded the crowd to attack from all sides. According to what me and Shanzhu had planned, I was supposed to kill Bayerman, who was isolated and without help. But I was never actually sincere in being that guy’s little brother. This plan was just wind passing by my ear. Right now, leaving Bayerman alone still has some use.

The sound of killing never stopped. The four troops of the four commanders quickly cut into the private soldiers. For a hillside battle, the troops on the lower position will have an overwhelming weakness. Combined with the great skill of the commanders themselves, killing the soldiers was just like chopping firewood to them. They had the overwhelming advantage in the battle. The morale on Ludao’s side was obviously flagging.

It hadn’t been three minutes when the people right next to Ludao were completely dead.

The bandits’ strength could be seen. Although Ludao had the greater numbers, they were just strong, ordinary people. The majority could not even use magic, while the bandits’ side had troops led by the four commanders that were extraordinarily brave in battle.


Near Bayerman, I could see a flustered Ludao exhibit an expression of terror.

“I, I’ll give you money! I have lots of money!”

Bayerman loftily grabbed Ludao’s hair. As one living high looking down, he said:

“Eh? We’ve already gotten all the money. You aren’t looking very pretentious now, huh Brother Ludao?”

“That is, it’s you guys who are in the wrong! Okay, if you apologize right now, I will forgive you. How about that?! We can reinstate the contract from before……wuwa!”

Bayerman cracked his neck and pounded Ludao’s mouth with his fist.

Ludao’s two front teeth were immediately knocked out, and his mouth filled with blood.

Afterwards, Ludao’s beating began. While beating him, Bayerman cursed:

“Die you fat pig. You’ve never done any good for me!!”

“Nobleman? You actually believed that I, your daddy, was ever afraid of you? Ah? Just cause you were praised once or twice, you think you’re all that?”

Very quickly, Ludao’s nose bled and his face swelled, and his whole body was covered in wounds.

If I was a hero, I would have rushed in earlier to stop him.

Because heroes need to save all people. They would save Ludao, beat back the bandits, and afterwards reform Ludao into a good nobleman and make the bandits stand on their own two feet. Perfectly saving everyone.

This is the mission that heroes must undertake.

But I am just an ordinary uncle.

Thus, I gripped my cloak tight and watched wide-eyed as Ludao was beaten to death without an inch of steel.

This is the best outcome for him, and as far as I am concerned, the best results.

Nobleman Ludo was killed by the bandits. This was using outside strength to fight against the law. This is the best method I came up with. I, of course, also thought about saving everyone, but I chose the more stable method.

Because I don’t believe that love can accomplish everything. I am not young anymore.

So long, Ludao.

As a piece of shit that preyed on other people, you deserve what happened to you.

“Next should be you, Shanzhu. You’ve been starting to look left and right all shiftily. Isn’t it because you’ve been conspiring against me?”

What a keen intuition.

I suddenly grabbed my sword and stood up, exiting the tree.

“Who are you? You don’t seem like Ludao’s underling……that breastplate, you’re Shanzhu’s person!”

“That’s right.”

I spoke and walked over to Shanzhu’s side.

“You idiot! Why’d you come out just now! Do you know what happened, our best opportunity was——”

Without even looking, I threw a low punch that blew him away several meters. Shanzhu’s two feet were stuck deep into the mud, and he fainted bonelessly, like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

“Bayerman, I want you to meet someone.”

Mademoiselle Specter came out from behind me.

“You? You are…..ah ah ah, you are the person from the forest two years ago. What now, have you come to take your revenge on me?”


On the other side of the undergrowth, Ka Luona and Little Elan riding on Little Hairball appeared.

“Are you alright, master!? The enemy’s numbers is too much, we have come to support you.”

“I don’t need it. Stay there and wait for me.”

I looked at Bayerman with a displeased face.

He obviously committed excessive actions, but this man was still smiling.

A person who does not fear life, and also does not fear death. No doubt it was the bandit leader who could kill without blinking.

Bayerman licked the sword in his hand.

“So it was like that. You plan to do me harm. Why are you doing this? Is it because you want to help that slut ghost get revenge? Aiya aiya, her body was really pleasurable. It’s just a pity that she died, and we can’t play with her anymore. Back when she was alive, me and a good number of my brothers all went for a round. That pretty face crying with her mouth all shut up, that feeling is incomparable.

“Although I had guessed as much, it was really that kind of thing, huh.”

Mademoiselle Specter was covering her face and crying.

I didn’t know that ghosts had tears, but seeing her face, my whole body trembled.

“Mademoiselle Phantom, please raise your head and look at me. I am very sorry about what you have been through, but no matter what happened to you in the past, you can decide your own future. Right now, you are our companion. So don’t be sad. Every person has things that they are unwilling to think about. Therefore, please look forward brightly, and things will be okay.”

Mademoiselle Specter’s glasses were tossed down on the undergrowth, and she was trying to do her utmost to wipe her tears and keep her eyes open.

“Ka Luona, you get out with Little Elan. What’s coming next, I really don’t want you to see.”

I slowly drew out my sword.

“But Master, you are just one person ——“

“Do as I say and go.”

I, the uncle, had never had a time where I had been so angry as today. As I became angrier, I grew colder.

Ka Luona hesitated for a moment, but she retreated with Little Elan.

“Looking closely, your companion is also pretty high quality goods. Have you done her already? If you haven’t, you should just give her up to me. Anyway, they can’t escape this town. Your senior has a big heart, and her face is beautiful; that kid is also cute enough to make people infatuated, just like a doll……”

I heard no more.

“Bayerman, are you right-handed?”


“That is saying, you used that hand to touch Mademoiselle Phantom?”

“……that’s right, but——”


When he recovered his senses, I was gripping Bayerman’s right arm in my hand, standing ten meters behind him.

The break was abnormally clean. I looked at the arm and raised my black taichi high. The sword was like an extension of my arm. Although I am abnormal, the moment I held the sword, I forged it to become a weapon comparable with the silver sword.

With my body’s foundations, and by infusing it with a large amount of magic, I had raised my own level in a short period of time.

This was the first time I used a speed that could keep up with my thoughts. Just following the extreme anger in my heart, my body involuntarily responded.

With a bang, I crushed the bone and flesh in my hand.


Without the slightest hesitation, I exerted my strength again.

After I returned to where I had originally been standing, I coldly looked down on Bayerman who had lost both of his arms.

The breaking points were spurting out boiling liquid, in the pitch-black night I could vaguely make out a black flood.

“Huh, you used this part of you to violate Mademoiselle Phantom?”

I took the black taichi and wiped of the blood. I hate dirt.

“Was it here? Huh?”

“Wuaaaaaa!!!! Save me, what are you guys doing!! Quick come out and save me aaaaa!!!!!”


Again I drew out my sword, and tilted my head to look at Bayerman.

If I can, I would really like to know what kind of expression I was making.

Was I laughing? Crying?

Was my expression colorful? Or was it a pure and profound black?

Did I feel happy at getting Mademoiselle Phantom’s revenge? Disgusted?

Were my eyebrows smoothed out, or locked in place?

He was already lying on the ground, not a word coming out. A deep pool of blood was flowing out of his thigh.

Mademoiselle Phantom had already regained her power of reason, but I couldn’t let go of my strong feelings of hatred and anger.

If I wasn’t thinking these things, I would have already killed him. A sword stabbed through the heart.

Although I didn’t usually kill people.

“What’s next?”

I stared back, at the shivering bandits.

What nonsense, Uncle Bone. This level of strength can’t even be called strong.

Chop, chop, chop. All the people who touched Mademoiselle Specter, I will make them live like they’re dead.

“Please stop, Zhai He!! The expression you’re wearing isn’t any different from when the time we first met!!”


I turned my head to look at Mademoiselle Specter, rather than because of her recalling the bad parts of her past, her tears seemed like they were out of worry for me.

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