Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 25

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The Uncle and the Bandits (part 3)

“You’re the youngster who dealt with my subordinate?”


Wasn’t it said that he was strong?

What’s going on with this man, with a mouth that sticks out and the chin of a monkey.

He is only around 1.6 meters tall. Thin and weak, and he had a 八 shaped mustache. He was a shifty-eyed person, and his age was just over thirty. Behind him followed a ragtag bunch, forty to fifty people strong.

“That’s me.”

I nodded.

“Hmph, what’s your goal?”

Hidden in my cloak, I sneered.

“What could it be, of course it’s——”

Certain kill!

With a ‘putong’ sound, I knelt on the ground!

“Big Brother Shanzhu! Please make me your subordinate!”


Mademoiselle Specter was so surprised; words couldn’t even come out of her mouth. It wasn’t just her, but the opposite party was also struck dumb by the situation.

“You, what did you say?”

“Although I am but a traveling merchant, I have heard word of Big Brother Shanzhu recruiting soldiers and buying horses (t/n: building an army). From now on, please work me like a horse or dog!”

“The direction of your ambition is pretty good, only——I’m afraid it won’t be that easy?”

“Wise words, o great one.”

I chuckled, the sound made me feel disgusted with myself.

“Actually, I just acted against that big brother because I wanted to prove my strength.”

I stood up, and whispered into Shanzhu’s ear:

“I heard that you’re not satisfied with your position. I can lend you a helping hand. When you are finally able to sleep free of worry, I hope to be able to pick through your leftover bones to eat.”

Shanzhu immediately laughed.

“Okay, but I don’t know how strong you youngster are.”

“I am definitely a hundred times stronger than any of your trash underlings.”

Saying this, the people behind Shanzhu immediately burst out in an uproar.

“Your word cannot be relied on. As you see, my younger brothers do not accept you. Since it’s like this, fight with my strongest underling. If you win, you can join our group. If you lose, hehe, leave behind your belongs and immediately scram.”

I have been waiting for these words. Who is the strongest? Come forth!

Aiai, this guy’s height is definitely big enough. When he stood next to Shanzhu, he looked just like a giant. His height probably exceeded 2.2 meters. I also had to tilt my head back to look at him. In the night, this tall person could obstruct the moonlight and the person in his shadow would have an extremely strong feeling of deterrence.

“Don’t just go around being a bully. Shorty.”

He looked at me, enunciating every word.

A punch came down.

Although I could receive it directly from the front just fine, it wasn’t necessary at all. It looked cool, but my hand would hurt.

When his fist did not fall on anything, I punched at his face.

I used the strength in one arm to hit him with a heavy attack on one side. His sense of gravity became unstable. He teetered and fell on his back onto the ground.

“Is this alright?”

The other party was instantly silent.

“One attack, one attack and he knocked down Hans….if it’s like this, it’s possible to dispose of Bayerman!”

The questioning voices immediately became joyful cheers.

“What do you plan to do next?”

Mademoiselle Phantom spoke softly into my ear.

“It’s fine just to watch.”

Shanzhu’s eyes twitched back and forth, looking at the giant lying on the ground, then looking at me.”

“Fine. You have proved your strength. But you also need to prove your loyalty.”


Shanzhu lifted his head arrogantly.

“Correct, loyalty. How will you show me your loyalty?”

“This….I must look to Big Brother Shanzhu for guidance.”

Shanzhu threw down a cloth sack.

“Before tomorrow evening, you must collect this bag’s worth of silver coins, or more, and return it to me! If you succeed, you will have entered my group. If you fail, give me all of your property!”

I picked up the cloth sack. The quantity needed to fill it was at least ten gold coins, or three hundred silver coins.

I knew this kind of method. I saw it my original world. In the book Water Margins, when Lin Chong goes to Liangshan, he is also forced by the warlord.

“Ai, Big Brother Shanzhu, just wait and see. But….I just came here and am not familiar with here. My looks don’t scare people. How will people know that I am Mr. Shanzhu’s underling?”

“You think in great detail. That said, i will lend you my identity plate and it should be fine. If you say my name, it should be okay.”

Shanzhu took the little bronze plate from his chest and handed it to me.

I immediately carefully put it in my pocket.

“Okay, I guarantee you that I will complete my task!”

While dreaming of using me to dispose of Bayerman, also planning to get rid of me once my usefulness is over. You, who has big ambitions but no talent, will in the end just be used by people.

We went in opposite directions.

When I got Shan Zhu’s identity plate, it was already certain that I would win.

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