Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 24

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The Uncle and the Bandits (part 2)

When I returned to the inn, I discovered that Mademoiselle Phantom, Ka Luona and Little Elan were chatting together happily.

I unloaded my costume and laid back on the bed, giving a long sigh.

“Master, did you find out something?

“Yeah. I know tentatively know the root cause of the issue.”

I gave an account of the story I got from Bone to everyone.

“Really, a rotten group of people.”

Little Elan said, depressed.

“No doubt it’s master, even in this respect he is extraordinarily large.”

“What, what respect is this?”

Ka Luona spoke in deadly earnest:


Just as I thought, it shouldn’t have been what I was expe……I wasn’t expecting anything!

Only Mademoiselle Phantom, who lowered her head, did not say anything.

I didn’t question her and simply said:

“Looks like these robbers run rampant at night. Mademoiselle Phantom, can you come with me to investigate the trail?”

“And me?”

Ka Luona asked impatiently.

“Ka Luona will stay at the inn to protect Little Elan and little Hairball. If by chance something happens, shoot light and shadow magic into the sky to notify me.”

Ka Luona wasn’t satisfied with this job, but she quietly listened to my plan.

In the afternoon, I brought Mademoiselle Phantom onto the streets.

Of course, right now, Mademoiselle Phantom cannot be seen by anyone, including me. But I carried her necklace under my cloak, so there was no worry that she would lose me. According to Mademoiselle Phantom, this necklace was imbued with her strong thoughts, so that she always knew the exact coordinates of the necklace.

To understand this village’s crazily tangled and complicated issue, first we must understand how things stand with the nobles.

To accept bribes as a government and let the bandits oppress the people, they were definitely as changeable as the clouds and rains (capricious) and a arrogant people. This kind of person thinks painstaking work is pointless. To catch this person messing up is very difficult, but these kind of people always have a common weak point.

Conceit, and also extreme jealousy.

When they believed in their own decision, they disregarded the advice of anyone around them. Even if lightning struck them, they would still insist on their own idea. They must always hold all the power in their hands, and everything and everyone else were just their chess pieces. Keeping the useful, tossing away the useless, not caring at all about people’s feelings. These despotic gentry can be found even at the level of the emperor. There is no lack of this type of person.

This is an opportunity, but isn’t enough.

I brought along Mademoiselle Phantom to pay another visit to Bone to understand more about the situation.

The head of the Barker noble family was Ludao Barker, age 54, 26 wives. He has six sons under the knee waiting to inherit some of the family property, but right now, his heir does not have any property rights. The entirety of the giant clan is under Ludao’s control, and he was stirring up trouble in the village. Under his control, the whole Barker clan becomes bigger every day. Their guard alone is 300 people. Ludao’s temper is very irascible. Just because a person bumped into the cavalry, he flayed the seven people of their family to death with a horsewhip.

“Young man, I urge you to not try to strike a stone with an egg (court your own defeat).”

Strike a stone with an egg?

I showed a happy smile, but wrapped in the scarf, Uncle Bone did not see.

The current progression was as I expected.

Next I needed a critical point.

“Uncle Bone, can you tell me how many leaders the bandits have?”

“Keke (coughing sound). When this old guy thinks of it, I shudder. The head honcho is Bayerman, age approximately thirty years old. He has a muscular build, but he moves fast. He kills without blinking an eye, and it can be said he is an unparalleled existence. Below him, he has four capable people. To separate them, Shanzhu is the one who is not strong but has great ambition; Mark is the one who sets large-scale fires; Dove’s talent lies in taming any kind of beast, and Kaqi has a body even King Kong could not destroy. These four people are considered to be human-shaped monsters. If we include Shanzhu’s the many talented underlings he’s amassed, he can’t be looked down on.”

My god……Uncle Bone’s speech is very ominous. Even I got scared. There’s that many capable people?

Calm down, calm down. I just have to define Shanzhu, Mark, Dove, and Kaqi as ‘strong’. Eh, we should raise them a little. Let’s define them as ‘stronger’. It’s bad to underestimate the enemy.

Human-shaped monsters……..there’s actually this many of monsters of that level. I cowered a bit.

“Uncle, you said that Shanzhu did not have strength but had great ambition. What’s up with that?”

“Shanzhu is said to be the weakest of the four. But anyone with eyes could see that he lusts after Bayerman’s throne. He is constantly disobeying or twisting Bayerman’s orders. And he also has many strong people as his underlings. Therefore, Bayerman does not dare move against him. But right now, it seems his strength is not enough to oust Bayerman, so he’s still saving his strength.”

“The bandit side is also not peaceful.”

I grumbled.

Uncle Bone sighed.

“Ke, no matter who wins, they will still squeeze the townsfolk even harder.”

I asked more detail about the number of bandits, and also a whole lot of other details.

When I left Bone’s house, the sky had already turned dark. The majority of houses had turned off their lights. I guess it was to prevent against the bandits making a ruckus, but in reality, I reckoned that there wasn’t much effect. In this distance, there was a person carrying a torch smashing doors and smashing windows.

I quickly walked in the direction of the inn. After all, that was a place where merchants stayed. It was a lot safer.

A bit later, a hulking man blocked my way.

“Halt, what are you doing!”

“Sorry, I am a merchant, I just wanted to look at the nightscape.”

Accordingly, I placed a silver coin in his hand. He immediately raised his brows in delight, and his eyes laughed.

“You’re so tactful. Go back! There is nothing nice here for you to see. If you let our Boss Shanzhu see you he won’t be too happy. Go, shoo.”

En, Boss Shanzhu.

I turned my body and prepared to walk back to the inn, when suddenly a plan appeared in my mind.

I touched my pocket, verifying that Mademoiselle Specter’s necklace was secure.

I approached the brute from behind and tapped his shoulder.

“Ah? What are you still doing here. Did I not say to get out? Get lost.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

I assumed a friendly and polite smile.

A fist smashed into his nose.

I don’t know how strong it was, but his face almost concaved in.

What’s happening, he looks strong but is actually this weak? He really is worthy of being a minion.

“What are you doing…..”

Mademoiselle Specter spoke in my ear.

The big lummox pulled out his iron sword and cut towards me. This workmanship was too terrible. Using this broken, iron lump to cut at me, an extraordinary weapon merchant is really too much of an insult. Go back and practice.

I waved a fist, and just using the wind pressure I easily diverted the sword.

I planted a foot in his stomach, and he immediately rolled and hit the wall.

“Tell your Boss Shanzhu. I will wait here for him. If he has the guts, then come meet me.”

“Y-yes! Just wait for me!”

Clutching his nose that was dripping his blood, he ran off into the distance.

Okay, script and actors have been set.

Let the show begin.

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