Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The Uncle and Commemorating the Forgotten

The dark blue sky, awash with jade green.

The red sun was up high, and occasionally an eagle would circle in the distance.

We had been sent off at the village entrance by the villagers. Li Sanai stood on tiptoes and waved her arm vigorously at me.

The air was refreshing as it entered my lungs. Such freshness could be addicting.

The cart’s yellow wood handrail were fraught with patina from over the years. The seat was simple and unadorned and was slightly chilly. The horse’s hooves went dada (clippity-clop), and the body of the cart was jolted. A faint breeze whistled past my ears. Evergreen trees lined both sides, verdant and lush, while birds would warble from time to time. The yellow dirt (t/n: brick lol) road was wound like a snake, headed to another world.

Ah! This is the feeling of travel!

It seemed as if I was filled with fresh blood all over.

Little Elan looked curiously all around, eyes bright and sparkling with delight.

O, Little Elan. Although I understand that this is your happiness from travelling outside for the first time, please look at me. As the older uncle, I already know very well how to be reserved. Even if it’s the first time travelling, your expression is way too exaggerated. Maturity, you must become mature!

“Big Brother He, look at this pretty bird!”

“Where, where??”

O o, it’s definitely very beautiful. I was thinking……is that a beautiful feather? It’s the first time I’ve seen such a thing, really is extremely beautiful…..Keke, I’m not excited at all. Travel is cultivation, it’s cultivation.

“Big Brother He, look at this lizard. It’s eating a Hard-Shelled beetle!”

“Where, where??”

Waaa, it really is. Such a hard beetle was swallowed down by a long tongue. Could it really be digested? However, in the books it is recorded, the Decay Poison Lizard should have super strong gastric fluid. It can corrode steel, so it wasn’t surprising at all. Damnit, I want to grab one! To a blacksmith, that gastric fluid is quite the treasure.

Keke, but I am travelling!

Ei, come to think of it, how did Little Elan know that this beetle was called a Hard-shelled Beetle?

Wait, if I think carefully, since I had been incarnated I spent the past two years entirely inside the village. To purchase things, travelling merchants would come directly to the store to sell, and customers also directly came to the store.

But Little Elan came alone on a long and difficult trek from the Demon Race . That said, this isn’t the first time Little Elan has travelled.

Looking at Ka Luona’s appearance, she was definitely regularly on the move.

That said, then the only person who hasn’t left the village is me? I am the only one who squatted at home?

I’ve been hit.

However, the length of time I’ve lived in this word is less than Ka Luona and Elan. I’ve only spent two years, just an infantile uncle. Normally, reincarnated people are reincarnated into babies’ bodies,and I’ve been reincarnated into someone who has not long till death.

Two years ago, I woke up in a forest near the village. By my side were some scattered weapons. I assumed the name Zhai He, went to the Newbie Village and opened a Weapons Shop. I didn’t leave the village not because I didn’t want to go out, but rather because I couldn’t go out. By chance, none of the people of the village recognized me, but if I went to another place, I might meet up with some acquaintances of the original body.

I did not have any of this body’s owner’s former memories, therefore I didn’t want to stir up anymore trouble.

I also specially bought a cloak in order to deal with outsiders.

“Ka Luona, where are we going next?”

Right now, Ka Luona who was driving the cart perked up and pointed with her whip to the distance.

“We’ve just left and have adequate supplies. In approximately two days, we will reach Duofa Village to replenish.”

Because I’m travelling with the guise of a travelling merchant, when I left I brought along with me five of my self-made swords and bought some of the village’s produce and a pot of Miss Yazi’s flowers. Swords obviously don’t have expiration dates, and the flowers have not yet reached the flowering season, but the produce won’t be fresh anymore in two days.

I consulted with Ka Luona. If I wanted to choose a place to sell, my only option was Milante Village, which was approximately a day away.

“Isn’t there a shortcut?”

“There is. If we take the shortcut, Duofa would only be a day away. But I heard that there are mountain bandits and wild beasts.”

“That’s better.”

I said that I wanted to Ka Luona to get some real battle experience, why not let her undergo some suitable danger.

Continuously fighting to raise experience is the best way. Only by fighting in real battles can you realize your deficiencies.

“But if we go on that route, you cannot move forward at night and must rest.”

This I understood. If a horde of wild beasts surprise attacked the horses,it would be easy for the coachmen to be in dire circumstances.

“So we’ll just sleep then. Although we don’t have tents, we have a bonfire and sleeping bags. If I take the night watch there won’t be any big problem.”

Ka Luona looked at me from the corner of her eye.

“But, master, if It’s a wolf pack, they can reach up to twenty in number. If it’s one person……”

I looked at Little Elan, who was staring at a butterfly in a trance.

“It’s fine. If there’s an urgent situation I will call for you.”

Ka Luona seemed to be a bit unhappy, she turned her head around.

“Liar. If master’s that strong, then it definitely would not be a problem.”

Ka Luona didn’t know that my strength is not entirely my own strength. I’ll admit that that experience is a very important aspect, but this body was already super awesome when I inherited it. Musculature, mobility, observation power, and willpower were all remarkable. Why a person like this would die in an unnamed forest is beyond me.

But the only thing I could decide is, that I did not regard myself as a carefree person. If this body’s old owner had any debts of gratitude or grudges, I would do my utmost to see them to the end. Although, I right now didn’t know what the original person was called.

But right now, I just didn’t care what that guy had been doing.

My name is Zhai He, once a weapons shop uncle, now a travelling merchant.

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