Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: The Uncle and the Night in the Thicket

The bonfire made crackling noises. I tossed some dried-up tree branches onto the fire.

In this season, gathering enough fuel is not a problem at all. Especially in a place like this with no people, the ground is littered liberally with dried sticks and withered leaves. You actually have to clear a .buffer zone to prevent large fires.

I tied up the horse to a large tree nearby. I arranged a few traps in the surrounding area, in order to alert me of danger if I got drowsy. This forest was exactly as Ka Luona had described – it definitely cannot be said to be a safe place.

When I was about to close my eyes, I could perceive something coming from various places in my line of sight. Although they were yet far off, I could still frequently sense a quite dangerous presence. It wasn’t a person, but something else.

The unknown is the scariest foe. Even for me, I couldn’t see what was not penetrated by the light of the fire, the deep black of the forest. All I could do was increase my alertness.

Ka Luona, Little Elan, and LIttle Hairball  – two people and one donkey – nervously stayed close to each other. The two people wrapped up in their sleeping bags looked like two pieces of long white bread. Little Hairball was curled up on its fur legs, occasionally it’s flexible ears flapped. I didn’t know whether it was asleep or awake, but it was probably because animals had the ability to stay alert while dreaming.

Little Elan still smiled dim-wittedly when she was asleep, occasionally calling out my name.

Ka Luona lost the carefulness to her words and expression, looking just like an ordinary girl.

As the only male of our troops, I was the one to be going on the night attack like poking Ka Luona’s pink cheeks.But I am not young anymore, and have no interest in such a thing. Moreover, Ka Luona would definitely get mad.

I used a handkerchief to gently wipe away the spit coming out from the corner of Little Elan’s mouth. I guess she is probably having a good dream.

Eiheihei, curry rice, I can’t eat anymore……”

In fact, there’s no need to guess.

“Big Brother He…….”

I leaned across the sleeping bag to rub Elan’s hand, and she immediately smiled.

“Nothing is wrong. I will protect you.”

I stood up.

It was just as Ka Luona had said. 23 wolves had silently crept closer, as well as 3 elite wolves and one wolf king, hiding its presence. In total, there were 27, already within one hundred metres.

It wasn’t that I didn’t sense that they were getting closer. From the beginning, I knew they weren’t the kind of opponents to negotiate with. Since battle was unavoidable, there was no point in being alert while they were over a hundred meters away.

I snapped my fingers in front of Ka Luona, and she opened her eyes. She was at a loss for a moment, but immediately turned solemn.

She speedily extricated herself from the sleeping bag. While we’re at it, I should mention her sleeping shirt and pants were blue with white polka dots, with the sort of thickness to homewear.

“Can you sense the aura?”

“En, there are twenty-six.”

So it’s like this, you can’t sense the wolf king’s presence? Indeed, it is quite the cunning guy.

In this world, the most important thing was intelligence. Incorrect intelligence will often create results that were unanticipated. I needed her to understand this point.

Being unable to sense the wolf king is a problem of strength, and also a problem of not having experience. The wolf pack must have a wolf with the strength of the wolf king. Even if you couldn’t sense it, you should be aware that there is something stronger based on the condition of the rest of the pack, and then infer that there is at least one wolf you couldn’t sense.

“Although wolves are very cunning, even if they recognize a difference in strength they will not cower. You need to kill at least half of their number before they will run away. Go and protect the horses and leave the rest to me. This is a defensive battle, so don’t stray too far from your targets.”

I spoke simply.


When Ka Luona had drawn close to the horses, a brown wolf had already impatiently charged out from the undergrowth.

Similar to the role of the outpost, the first wolf was meant to intimidate the opponent.



A fist pulverized the wolf’s skull. A ring of energy surged out, and the wolf hit the ground heavily.

Little Hairball opened both its eyes, vigilantly looking all around.

“It’s all right, Little Hairball. You and Elan must stay close to me, and don’t leave the fire.”


I coolly swept my gaze over the other wolves hiding in the forest.

Although there was some franticness in the wolf pack, they did not shrink back.

Good, come and get me.

This time, three wolves simultaneously attacked from different angles, from the right and left and from behind. As before, it was still ordinary wolves.

I hit the the wolf behind me back to the thicket, and the same time, used the momentum to let the wolves coming from the left and right to hit empty air. In the next attack,the two wolves came rushing from the front to attack, following the path to their doom.

Believing that I would have no time to respond, they simply attack, trying to find the shortest path. Fast-paced attack strategy, this kind of level was just too easy to guess.

Using one leg to kick them is the fastest choice, but those two weren’t the only ones eyeing me.

Thus, I used a no-mercy straight punch to pound their faces.

Four wolves rushed at me from behind, among them an elite wolf.

As such, this was a good opportunity to show off the difference in our strength. I might accidentally make the wolves born in the forest go extinct. If they could, I still hope that they will retreat on their own.

Thus, I simply relied on speed to kick all of them back.

In the approximately two seconds, where their rush forward frightened the tear-filled Little Hairball and Elan, I already kicked four times. Only the elite wolf dodged critical damage to its internal organs. The others will probably not live.

I stamped on the elite wolf twitching on the ground, and emitted killing intent to the wolves in the forest.

The wolves in the thicket immediately retreated. I raised the wolf underneath my feet and kicked it back into the forest. Although black wolf fur is not bad for defense, I am a weapons salesman, keeping nothing useless.

Ka Luona walked unsteadily towards me. In contrast to me who had not even a hair out of plast, Ka Luona cut a sorry figure. It would be better to say that she was very miserable. Her sleep clothes were torn in many places, exposing her alluring white skin. Her left arm and right leg bore wolf bites, bleeding not just a little. Luckily, the wound did not reach bone.

For the first time I’ve let Ka Luona face an opponent on her own, I was actually somewhat cruel. But this is what she needs to experience. Since she called me master, I needed to do this.

“Four killed, the rest repelled!”

“You didn’t do too bad. But it still does not meet the standards.”

“Ei?” Ka Luona put on a surprised expression.

A single-eyed wolf noiselessly rose high into the air, rushing at Ka Luona like a demon.

It was the wolf king, unwilling to abandon the last fight.

Until the wolf king was almost within reach, Ka Luona was unaware of it. Her eyes flashed with dismay, all thoughts of fighting forgotten.

That bloody mouth, open wide like a sacrificial bowl, headed for Ka Luona’s snow white neck.. Two sharp rows of teeth encased a rough tongue.


You brutish piece of trash. Who do you think I am.

After weighing the pros and cons, you decided to attack Ka Luona? Even if you were to succeed, there’s no way I would let you go.

Moreover, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.


This distance is nothing much to me. I am a weapons shop uncle.

I pinched the wolf king’s neck, its inertia making it swing back and forth like a pendulum in Ka Luona’s direction.

Even its claws will not touch a person in front of me. I will send you back.

Using the strength stored in my right arm, I first stamped on the ground and then used brute force to throw it away.


The wolf king flew away, hitting a tree trunk.

Getting up with great difficulty, it sped away in retreat.

Maa, it is quite strong.

The firelight twinkled. I looked back at Ka Luona whose face was filled with sweat.

“As I said, not up to standard.”

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