Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 15

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The Uncle and the Travel Preparations (part 2)

Before preparations for today, I thought over the definition of my role according to the rules.

Just as I said, I already was traveling merchant Zhai He. I was temporarily unaffiliated with anything to do with the weapons shop.

The villager role in the past that had given me some measure of comfort was no more. I sunk into the fear of the definition of my role.

Ah, to know thyself!

This saying didn’t pass any knowledge of myself to me, therefore I still had to think it over myself.

This time, I came to a direct verdict.

I was a travelling salesman.

It may seem that this is only an occupation, but if you played games you would understand. They played many different roles, such as a grocer or arms merchant. Occasionally, they would impersonate mysterious businessmen. They sold things of high quality and good price.

With this thought: as a hero undergoes death trials, their equipment and weapons become damaged severely. Suddenly, I would coincidentally be there to lend a helping hand. I would talk to the hero and get to know them, and since I became a passerby, I would also be able to earn some money, how could it not be great?

Therefore, although mobile businessman is another kind of role, it is a very important role without equal.

Several days before, I knitted a hat for Elan.

When her old hat tore, I knitted another one for her. Taking in account that Ka Luona was travelling with us, Little Elan couldn’t just take off her hat willy-nilly.

I asked her what sort of style she liked.

“Style, I liked the old one. If you can, I think I would want a design on the hat.”

Afterwards, I embroidered a cute pattern of Elan and Little Hairball next to each other.

I was so tired. Really, an uncle like myself actually was like a maiden and hunched over the countertop with a needle and thread embroidering. I especially did not want to admit that I actually found it interesting. Don’t tell me I have the heart of a maiden?

Don’t mean to brag, but perhaps much later, my delicate and refined work will be unearthed as an artist’s and then displayed in a museum. Even right now they could be sold for a pretty good price, probably.

Elan loved her hat so much she couldn’t bear to part with it. Someone secretly nabbed the leftover thread and fiddled with it. I turned a blind eye and pretended not to see. At the end, yesterday she suddenly brought that hat to me for me to see, only I saw that there was a person next to Little Hairball and Elan. Although the drawing style was more abstract than Ka Luona’s drawing, I still was able to make out that the strangely shaped person was me. It was actually simple, the only person she could have embroidered was me. If not, I was going to have to cut someone.

“The embroidery is really ugly.”

“Not at all, I really like it.”

I softly rubbed her head.

Okay, I still have things I need to do for today.

Choosing a tent.

When we’re outside, we have to think about camping.

It may seem as if it is not a big problem, but in reality there is a secret. If I were to sleep in the same tent as Elan, Ka Luona would sleep alone. She definitely would use the “girls sleep together” reason to fight over Little Elan. But it it’s like that, the fact that Little Elan is a demon would be exposed. Therefore, I definitely had to think of every possible way to convince Ka Luona, and come up with a perfect strategy.

This kind of thing is not hard for me. I thought up 42 battle plans, with all the different possible answers Ka Luona could give. In short, I needed to make her understand that Little Elan had to stay with me. Of course, I also made a variety of preparations, such as letting Little Elan sleep alone while I stood guard outside.

“Does Master want to buy two tents?”


“I have an idea. So that we can arrive earlier, we can just sleep inside the cart, and master and I can take turns driving the cart.”


An enigmatic silence fell.

En! That’s not a bad idea, very commendable.”

Why is it like this!! My 42 battle plans were completely useless!

I cannot allow Ka Luona to see it, but my heart had completely collapsed.

I bought three sleeping bags. If we use these, even the head is covered completely, therefore there was no need to worry about exposing Elan’s horns at all.

Afterwards, I only needed to focus all of my heart and soul on making the best sword I could.

If I went to pay a visit to the principal, I needed to show my sincerity. To make a sword that could display my skills, so that she could point out my deficiencies. I will go and study techniques. The opposite party is someone who is stronger than me by an unknown amount of levels, which I will have to always keep in mind.

A good sword, in addition to the initial process, needs to be forged repeatedly. Therefore, it’s not an item that can be completed in one go. Once you get really into it, you can feel the slight imperfections in the sword. In short, no matter how much you perform maintenance on it, you cannot say that this sword is representative of my highest level of work.

Additionally, as a man who makes weapons with an eye capable of seeing both the good and bad points in the weapon, I was surprised to see that the silver sword was made in one go, without any additional modifications.

Considering this point, I abandoned my original idea.

In one breath, I will forge a tachi which will be completed after a little rest. I remembered that the first weapon I made was also a tachi.

In the basement, I gripped a black backed changdao (single-sided sword). I could clearly sense my two years of progress. Equipped with perfectly running mid-level magic, the magic was also smoothly running through the original skeleton. Considering that the tachi had brittle properties, it was also a considerable degree higher in terms of reinforcement.

To say it frankly, this reflects my true level. Once completed, it would represent my limitations in the sword making process.

However, only I understood that I have no self-confidence in using this sword to face off against Ka Luona’s certain kill technique.

Next is to handle the rest of the formalities, then say goodbye to the people of the village.

Goodbye, weapon shop.

Wait for me to get stronger, I will return.

Afterwards, I will make the world’s greatest sword.

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