Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Uncle and the Travel Preparations (part 1)

I already decided on this plan, I will go and learn the profundity of making swords.

Thus, I needed to prepare for a journey.

Although I felt some remnants of guilt towards the heroes who wanted to buy my weapons, from now on, I was the travelling merchant, Uncle Zhai He. In order to become the number one blacksmith in the world, Principal of the hero school, please pass on your cheat to me.

But before the expedition, I needed to begin some preparations.

“So, what you’re saying is this?”

“The hole dug from the dirt of the mountain without saying a word is all my fault!”

First, I must kneel and apologize toward the village head whose hair and beard were all white.

As an uncle kneeling in such a public situation, there isn’t a more shameful action.

But there’s nothing that can be done. Even a wise person who thinks a thousand thoughts will make a mistake.

I actually was not paying attention. The dirt from the foot of the mountain and at the entrance of my house are different colors!!

Today, early in the morning, a noisy voice startled me awake. When I went to the front door, I then understood where the general trend was going. If a large portion of the white dirt was discovered to be yellow, it would be hard to think that it wouldn’t attract an uproar. Fortunately, the village head didn’t complain too much about me. He really is a good person.

Except for making me pay 20 silver coins as a repair fee.

With this matter finished, I could proceed to Ka Luona’s university, which according to her was quite a distance from here. I saw a map; using a comparison from my original world, it’s about the distance from Beijing to Shanghai. However, at the present time since I only have Little Hairball as a means of transportation, it is still an extremely daunting journey.

This is the first time I’ve seen a map. Our Country, Duopunuowa has a terrible shape. Despite the current ruler’s attempts to beautify it, I still feel that it looks like a Big Bean Bug. If I was a foreigner, I definitely would call it bean bug country without the slightest hesitation. But right now, I would it call the Link to Happiness.

I wasn’t at all not satisfied with Duopunuowa. The conditions and customs here were very favorable towards me, an reincarnated person, but it can’t be said that I love it. In my original world, I lived thirty years, so my love towards my previous country is very deep-rooted. But it’s not the same here. Two years is still too short.

Where I lived, the Newbie Village (I named it myself) was not marked on the map, and I could only rely on my feeling to determine the approximate location. Between here and Asalei, we would need to surmount about half the length of a bean bug. Duopunuowa is not considered to be big, but it directly borders on the magic race? Demon race, so it’s on the frontlines. Little Hairball and Elan cannot be left here alone, and will all come with me.  Thinking this, the things I need to buy are a lot.

This is the first time I’m leaving the village, so I don’t have a cart and camping equipment. Although I could call Little Hairball a mount, I didn’t have any plans to ride it. I consider him as a pet I’ve raised. If I made him pull the cart, Elan would not be pleased.

Renting a cart or buying two horses, I faced a difficult decision.

From the price standpoint, there wasn’t that big of a decision, the problem is that if I bought horses, I could not reveal my wonderful artistic skills in making carts.

Think about it, if I sat on the beautiful and handsome horse and went to see that old woman…….

It would seem like a prince going to receive a princess.

Upon thinking this, my stomach felt bad.

As expected, I’ll be renting a cart.

Be that as it may, this is my first time picking a horse.

“Zhai He, can it be possible that you’re not good at this?” As I stared at the different horses for the carts, when life was not clear and I couldn’t tell high from low and up from down, a gentle and warm female voice came from behind me.

It was warm and gentle, but I couldn’t perceive the situation that was coming, so it was actually really scary.

I mechanically turned my head.

The flower shop owner with a small smile, Ya Zi.

“Aya aya, don’t say that something like I’m good at everything. I am merely a simple man who can only make weapons.

I crinkled my eyes to smile when speaking.

“Where, where? I still believe that even when it come to stallions you’ll definitely comprehend it.”

The next second, our two pairs of hands were locked together, all ten fingers, in a position like wrestling team members.

“What are you saying, you meddlesome old woman?”

“We are both of the same age, Uncle. I heard that you also met up with our shop assistant in private? Last time I saw you, you were sick so I didn’t have the lack of propriety to bring it up. Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Ah? What do you think you’re doing? Li Sanai is quickly becoming just as black-bellied as you, that smile clearly came from the same mold.”

“Hmph! I’m just teaching her how to respond towards sexual harassment from middle-aged uncles, that’s all.”

Like so, we remained in a deadlock for a period of time.

“This time I’ll spare you. Do you want to go? This time, I will help you. If you’re thinking about going on a long journey, this is the best cart to buy.”

She said this to me.

I followed the direction of her pointing finger, immediately I thought of a scene from a travel.

An ancient road, the west wind, a skinny horse.

“Those two horses look really weak……you wouldn’t be cheating me?”

“Don’t just see that it’s thinner than other horses; it’s endurance is very good.”

“Aya, sorry. I didn’t think that you understood that much about horses. Could it be……that’s a good mouth?

Ya Zi used the smile of an angel to look at me:

“Just die.”

After I settled the account, I suddenly saw Ka Luona.

“Ka Luona?”


It’s fine if she calls me master, but if she says that in front of Ya Zi, I can’t defend against the taunting.

And the saying has come true.

Although Ya Zi’s smile had not faded a little, I could already sense her taunting aura.

Earlier, when Li Sanai resigned from the store, Ya Zi, that woman, was an evil demon.

“The evil backstage manipulator always has done this to their cute junior.”

Ka Luona looked at Ya Zi without understanding.

“You are……Big Sister Ya Zi from the flower shop. I am the investigation official, Ka Luona.”

Ya Zi suddenly grabbed onto my arm.

What is this woman doing.

Uncle, it’s because her  chest touching me that’s making me nervous!

“Hello, Miss Ka Luona. I am an ex-wife who was played around by Uncle before being discarded!”


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