Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 13

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 I realized that I translated Godspeed (神速) as godlike speed, rather than a technique.

Chapter 13: The Uncle and the Honors Student (part 4)

Aiya aiya……

Quickly bringing dirt to fill in the hole……


Huu. This much is okay. Otherwise, if I just made this big of a hole in the ground without permission, I would definitely be scolded by the village head tomorrow.

The earth used to fill in the hole was dug up from the foot of the mountain, so right now there is a hole there. This action of ‘tearing down the east wall to repair the west wall’ may seem to be pointless, but there would definitely be no one who would suspect that the mysterious disappearance of the dirt from the foot of the mountain was my doing, therefore it’s very safe!

Well, other than that, since I started filling in dirt, Ka Luona had been spiritlessly kneeling on the ground.

If I had dodged at that time, she probably wouldn’t have been shocked into this state.

But there’s nothing that can be done. I needed to make her realize  that such a thought as “This time, I’ll definitely win” will doom her to defeat from the start. Since she was the number one graduate, she had always had the pleasure of looking down on all lifeforms from up above. Of course, the number one also definitely must bear many responsibilities, therefore she was always severe in speech and action.

The easiest method was to pull her down from her first place throne.

Her abilities are good, Godspeed was also good, God of Holy Light was also good, and her willingness to go all-out was also very good. Directly stopping that kind of attack made her wake up.

Those who say they made such qualitative leaps in just several days are all liars. Probably, since the last time she left, she incessantly formulated tactics against me, therefore producing the regular and thorough frontal attack. But the battlefield does not have people that would give you this many days to prepare. Even if you had beaten me here, the fact of your weakness will not have changed. If  you cannot abandon this kind of pointless pride as soon as possible, throughout your whole life, you will only be “The Number One in School.”

In reality, Ka Luona had already realized herself that she didn’t surpass me in certain areas, so she had already abandoned some of her aloofness.

Thinking comprehensively, I chose to deliver a final blow.

“My ‘Godspeed’ plus certain skill were so easily blocked……”

After delivering a slap, you should hand out a piece of candy.

Since she had despaired to such a degree, I also wanted to say a few comforting sentences.

“No, it wasn’t easily blocked. I also used a skill.”

Although not saying anything would be a lot cooler, I couldn’t lie. I definitely could not rely on just my body to block that kind of attack. Even if I didn’t use any skills I would’ve consumed about 15% of my total magic strength to dismantle the attack, but making swords already almost depleted my magic power, and besides, I also did not desire to cause a big explosion near my house.

“But, your skills aren’t……”

I extended my hand to her. Ka Luona hesistated for a moment and then held on tightly.

I was as kind as possible when lifting her up.

“With such a destructive ability, you really have the strength of a number one, and your battle strategy formulation is also pretty good. Firmly speaking, it was too overdone, which made it is easy to guess your actions. This is also the gap from experience.”

She tightly pursed her lips and then suddenly bowed deeply to me.

“It’s my loss. Could you teach me?”

I ignored her wording as much as possible (t/n: teach could also mean train/tame for animals).

“Firstly, in terms of speed, you’re fast enough. But when you were coming at me from the from the front, I knew that you would circle around and surprise attack from the back. Since you were able to think of hiding electricity inside the vines, in the end I could determine that you would also pick what seemed to be the weakest part of me to attack. Because you wanted to beat me, you overthought, thinking that every attack needed to be carefully deliberated over. Therefore, I never needed to respond to your speed, I only needed to turn my body in advance and wait for you.

Wu……but my certain kill technique……”

I laughed.

“How could I receive that level of attack empty handed? I cheated.”


Ka Luona was obviously very surprised. Her silver eyelashes quivered slightly.

“Yes. I used my skill to slightly alter the skeleton of the silver sword. Because when it is receiving such a massive magic power, a weapon will loosen, and a crack will appear. It will become unstable, so it was easy to do. By changing the skeleton, it forced your attack to bypass me, and I merely grabbed a sword that was not dangerous in the slightest.


Maa, of course after the battle was over I changed the skeleton back, so there’s no need to worry.”

Ka Luona’s expression was very subtle, but finally in the end she let out a long sigh.

“This sort of level cannot be regarded as cheating. It’s my loss.”

I have waited for was this sentence.

“This sort of level cannot be regarded as cheating”, such open-minded speech, means that tonight was not all in vain. To honestly admit one’s own loss is a sign that she can grow.

Rapidly, Ka Luona moved to stand straight up, then bowed.

“Many thanks for the advice!”

En, as expected she still had the appearance of a student.

“Could you take me on as a disciple? I hope to devote my whole life to you!”


I patted the dirt on my body and rubbed her hair.

Quite a stiff body.

“What are you bringing up about disciples, drop that matter about your life. You should travel farther, because you are a hero.”

Hero no. 577, Ka Luona!

Such a titillation for my heart! In close to two months, the counter finally went up again!

Ka Luona said to me, deadpan:

“Master, if you want to lick my forearm, I won’t slap you.”

“I don’t have any interest towards that’s kind of thing! It’s not as good as quickly bringing me to see the one who made the silver sword, Dumble……that’s not it, what I mean is the principal of the magic school.”

Ka Luona displayed a happy, smiling expression. This was the first time I had seen her smile, and bathed in the moonlight, it was extremely beautiful.

“So master also has someone he wants to surpass.”

“Of course, I don’t believe that I am the number one blacksmith under the heavens.”

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