Adorable consort chapter 3

Why am I even awake at midnight? Oh well releasing today’s chapter then…

I still can’t believe some people rated this story as 1 in novelupdates… I barely published this story and people already started to judge it as bad. Story is being slowly build… Be patient and this story will greatly reward you. I do feel this author write descriptively but write very well. Translating chapters that are 2 or more times longer than DKC is daunting. Anyhow enjoy chapter 3!

Adorable Consort Chapter 3

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  1. Rechel says:

    I also noticed that on novelupdates, some people
    have fun rating 1 as soon as a story starts being translated. If it were for me, I’d add the rule that you can’t rate 1 or 2 without a complete review, so to discourage stupid people

  2. Mitha says:

    Ceritanya bagus banget

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