Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 6.1

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Xing Yun only smiled lightly. “Good people.”

“ You are so eccentric. “ Chen Li paced, saying, “ Your temperament is weird, your behaviour is so weird, so weird! You look and treat me normally, despite my current form.” Chen Li walked in a circle. “ No feathers, able to talk, even being able to change into a human form, yet not the least bit curious nor afraid of me…. You even let me stay home alone and do as I wish… Xing Yun, have you already foreseen the future roads? The result of this…?”

“Did I not already say, fortune telling is not a good skill. I do not like doing it. I ignored your origins merely because I simply wish for nature to take it’s place. I can accompany you peacefully without any need to know of your background. If I dig too deeply, I may end up farming myself. Right now, I can do as I wish. There’s no benefit. So why should I?”

Hearing this, Chen Li was stunned into silence. Only after a brief period of time did she open her mouth to scold sternly, “  You must’ve been a rotten ass that got kicked out of heaven, now!

Hearing this, Xing Yun was confused before breaking out into a laugh.


Throughout the rest of the morning, Xing Yun kept silent. When it was time for lunch, he opened up the packet of bacon and ate it all up, not leaving a crumb. He didn’t spare a glance at Chen Li, who was sitting next to him throughout the entire meal.

After he was done eating, he picked up Chen Li and placed her in front of the empty plate. There was only 2 drops of oil left and not a single hint of meat. From the side, Xing Yun sighed with satisfaction as he rubbed his stomach and chuckled at Chen Li. “ Look see, I just wanted to prove that I am not indeed a rotten ass that has fell down from heaven. Ah see, look how nice I am. “ After saying his words, he left, taking the plate with him. He didn’t even allow Chen Li to have those few drops left, leaving her to vent out her rage on the poor table.

“ Spit it out!!! Spit it all out, you dumb thing!”

As Xing Yun walked inside the house, the doorbell rang. Letting out a small cry of surprise, Xing Yun went to open the door with the plates in hand. In the front yard stood 3 tall men, all wearing fancy clothing and a sword in hand. Looking closely, they actually looked like the guards that were in the old lady’s home! 1 man stood in front, wearing a red collar on his garment whereas the other 2 wore cyan. Standing in a line, they looked solemnly at Xing Yun. The red one started speaking, “ The prince invites you to the palace.”

“Sir, I think you’ve got the wrong man.” Xing Yun chuckled lightly before taking a step back, wanting to close the door. Suddenly, the two men previously standing silently had grabbed him roughly on each side, and without explanation, began forcibly drag him out of the home. In this moment of carelessness, the plate Xing Yun had carried over fell on the ground. With a loud crack, it shattered into pieces!

Yet the red collared man didn’t blink an eye as he continued to stare straight at Xing Yun, saying, “Whether or not we’ve found the right person, we shall naturally take all responsibility. If you will, please. “

Xing Yun acted like he didn’t hear anything, only lifting his lip into a thin smirk. “ I do not like being forced to do thin-” Before he could finish, the red collared man had already thrown a punch straight at Xing Yun’s stomach, forcing him to double up in pain, unable to stand up for quite a while.

Not bothering to wait for Xing Yun to recover, the red collared man dragged him out onto the road.

“I also do not like people who talk back to me with nonsense. “ His eyes held contempt as he stared at Xing Yun before waving his hand. “Take him away.” The other two cyan collared men dragged Xing Yun through the road, not caring about how beaten up he was.


However, Xing Yun lowered his body weight and dug his heels into the ground of his front yard, refusing to leave his property despite how injured he was.  During his struggle, he had accidentally kicked one of the stones upside down. A moment later, a bright array of golden light flashed from the house.  From within the light, a woman’s voice yelled angrily, “ Go ahead and beat him until he spits blood, then scram!”

Hearing this, despite his pain, Xing Yun managed to let out a weak laugh.

“Who?!?” The red collared man who was about to initially kick Xing Yun again, turned around to see a figure standing amidst the golden light in front of the house. Looking closely, he was shocked to see a woman dressed in filthy clothes, her long hair bound by a piece of torn cloth walking out from the house.
Although Chen Li meant her earlier words, when she walked out and saw Xing Yun’s bent body in front of the guard, her brows wrinkled with distaste. Chen Li stared at the red collared guard, saying angrily, “ Who are you, to injure my people into such an extent, to dare anger this….. Girl under her present state. Are you too ignorant, or are you simply just wishing to die?”

Chen Li was famous throughout the heavenly realm as someone who would not allow others to hurt or even scold her soldiers. If they had to be punished, she had her own way of doing it, with punishments as severe as taking away ½ of their lifespans. Even if it was the demon emperor, she would still not allow him to punish her soldiers! To place it nicely, one could say that she loves her solides as much as she would for a son. To put it realistically, she cares too much about her own pride than letting others deal with her men. To hurt someone under her, the Azure Sky King, was similar to courting death!

However, the red collared guard only frowned. “ This girl’s mouth is too big. “ He examined Chen Li from head to toe. Although with her lack of proper clothing, making her look very embarrassing, she was indeed a true beauty. Her eyes were breathtaking as the light reflected off of her long, shiny hair. Coughing slightly, the man retorted, “ I follow the orders of the prince to take him into the palace as a guest. I hope that madame gets the message. “

“I get the message?”

Chen Li’s eyes narrowed. Her hair was tied up, and today she was facing a mere human guard and not a ghost. Although her magic is currently not strong, keep in mind that her skill in martial arts are more than enough to finish off the guards. The 3 guards didn’t react when Chen Li’s hand made a swishing noise as 2 pieces of scrap metal flew at the leader’s feet. “Why don’t you teach me what the message is, ah?”



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