Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.1

WHEWWW ITS BEEN SO LONG. Sorry guys! My schedule has been really erratic lately, so from now on, updates will be completely random! It can go from every day, or even only once a week or so. Please don’t drop this novel, though…. also if anyone could give a review on Novel Updates, it would mean so much! I would say that I’ll even be willing to push out an extra portion just for the review, but I probably won’t be able to fulfill that promise….. sigh.I’ll try my best, though!

Thanks so much to my editor, Ziggy/Pant pant/Charles, whichever name you wanna call him. It should hopefully make my translations better than just barely readable 🙂

TL: Kiki

Editor: Pant pant

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  1. Nukhba Arshad says:

    Please update…. 😢

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